Game 57: Wyoming Cowboys @ Illinois Fighting Illini

Game 57: Wyoming Cowboys @ Illinois Fighting Illini

I think we managed to hit all of the highlights of the University of Illinois campus including the student union, the quad, the tornado shelter, the math building where we could not get to the top of the bell tower, the indoor practice facility that was locked, and even the preacher who told us we were all going to hell.

Illinois Press Release

Date: August 10, 2022 | …Al goes on further to state that “We are also glad to make this trip in August and we hope to get a beautiful sunny day to enjoy all that the University and its surroundings have to offer”.

Week 1 Recap

. Posted: September 3, 2013 North Carolina at South Carolina – I think everybody got what they expected in this game, at least on a team level. SC was never in jeopardy of losing, but did not quite dominate. The interesting note on this game was the reaction to the...