Guest Policy
Guest questers are welcome at any time. We are strong believers in the old adage…the more the merrier. It’s college football! Drop us an email and we will be glad to welcome you onto the Quest.

To Become Official Questers
We are always accepting applications for our guesters to become full questers. We will discuss all applications and agree on a path to full quester status with the appropriate voting rights.


Currently on the path to full voting membership – Brett Witrick aka The Target
Requirements for the Kramerica Industries intern to obtain full CFQ voting rights: 

Attendance at 5 CFQ games / trips
Travel to a game at Northern Illinois during the month of November or December
Travel to a game at the University of Connecticut
Travel to a game at the University of Buffalo
Provide and have approved a plan to catch up on all the missing CFQ games
Pass an examination of CFQ trivia (all answers to be on the web site)
Oral presentation on “What the quest means to me?”
Upon completion of the above, there is a 4 game hazing period

Update: Target has failed to make satisfactory progress on his stated requirements. Thus, as of 2016, his path to full membership has been suspended. He is welcome to reapply but there will probably be additional requirements and a strict timeline.