Posted: September 17, 2013

TCU at Texas Tech – It was not pretty, but the Red Raiders get the win and send TCU to a 1-2 start. Not what the Horned Frogs were looking for. TCU has some tough games coming up so this was a game they needed. This game sends TTU into the Top 25 and TCU out.

Bowling Green at Indiana – If you have not seen the Falcons punt block for a TD, you must find it on that internet thing. The Falcons take the ball right off the Hosiers punter’s foot and runs it back. It is a Top 10 highlight of the year.

Akron at Michigan – If you ask me, it was pass interference on the last play, but it was close. Akron could have pulled this one out and probably should have. This was an ugly Michigan win and they looked downright awful at times. In my poll, despite the win, Michigan falls 6 spots to #21.

UCLA at Nebraska – What is going on in Lincoln? The Bruins erase an 18 point deficit to win by 20, a 38 point turnaround. Nebraska gave up over 500 yards to the Bruins and the Husker defense has now given up 20 miles in 3 games. Now with the Bo Pelini tapes coming out things are getting very interesting in Husker land. The fan base there is quite loyal and one of the best in the nation, but with this defense that will be challenged. The Bruins looked great on offense once they woke up. But Wyoming looked like an NFL offense on this D. In a few weeks, UCLA has to go to Stanford and the next week to Oregon. Good luck with that, but it appears as if those will be better games than I thought at the beginning of the year. I love it when the Pac12 is interesting because it means good late games. So bring it on!

Alabama at Texas A&M – This game did not disappoint, but it appeared that it might, twice. In shades of last year, the Aggies jumped out to a 14-0 start. The Tide scored the next 35 points to go up 35-14. The critical play of the game was an Alabama fumble as they were about to go up by 21. Two plays later, a 95 yard TD for the Aggies and we had a 7 point game. Both teams would score again and the game ended 49-42. I predicted Bama big and if Yeldon held onto the ball, I probably would have been right. But he didn’t and I wasn’t. The one thing I want to say about this game is the targeting rule sucks. The flag on safety Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix trying to intercept a pass and hitting shoulder to shoulder with the A&M receiver was dreadful. Replay overturned the ejection but the flag stood. If you are going to review it, pick up the flag as well. I understand what they are trying to accomplish, but if these are the calls we are going to get, something has to change. It was an outrageous flag.

Tennessee at Oregon – All I need to say is that I am seriously considering Oregon at #1. Their offense looks unstoppable. They could put up triple digits when the Quest is out there for their next game against California.

Ole Miss at Texas – Mack Brown is in trouble. Texas was outscored 27-0 in the second half to lose this game. Texas gave up 274 rushing yards a week after giving up 550 to BYU. Is it me or was Ole Miss just running the same play knowing Texas could not stop it? Let the speculation begin on the new Texas head coach. My money is on Kirby Smart.

Wisconsin at Arizona State – Well, we might as well just skip to the end. Yes, the refs screwed up. Wisconsin probably wins this game. But that is why polls should not be based solely on record. My poll is based on who would beat who on a neutral field. My opinion of Wisconsin is not really impacted by this loss. I slide them down one notch to #20, but that is more based on a higher opinion of Ole Miss. Arizona State debuts in my poll at #18.