Posted: September 19, 2013

Clemson at NC State – The Thursday night game this week is two 2-0 teams in the ACC opener for both. Clemson has the big win over Georgia so far this year. Thus, the Tigers will typically lose a game they shouldn’t each year. Is this the one?

Utah St. at USC – Could Lane Kiffin get fired after losing this one?

Tennessee at Florida – The CFQ heads to the Swamp. Burrito Brothers here I come!

Michigan State at Notre Dame – The Spartans may have one of the best defenses you have not heard about. The Irish cannot run the ball. This equals a ND -7 line from the folks in Vegas? ND is a popular team but that line stinks. ND may pull this out but it is probably close.

Arizona State at Stanford – The Sun Devils got a preview of a heavy rush offense against Wisconsin last week. That should aid in the preparation for Stanford this week. That’s the good news. The bad news, they did not look too great against the Wisconsin run offense. That has to get corrected for them to be in this game. Stanford had a closer call last week against Army than I expected. This game shows me if the Cardinal has got a shot against the Ducks on Nov 7, or you send the invite for the Ducks to the Pac12 championship game right now.

Auburn at LSU – It’s the battle of the Tigers. I am very high on LSU and this year it looks like they may have an offense to go with their typically stout defense. Auburn was lucky to win last week against Miss St. I think this game could get ugly and it could get there fast. This game will never be in doubt.

Michigan at Connecticut – 3-0 Michigan takes on 0-2 UConn. Is this the biggest game ever played at Rentschler Field? Why do I ask that? Because I get an email every day from the UConn athletic department advertising this game and telling me I can only get tickets if I buy a 3 game pack. The game is at night so most Husky fans will probably not even remember to stumble over to the Stadium from the parking lot.

Kansas State at Texas – Does Mack Brown get fired after this game? Will Kirby Smart leave in the middle of the year? I doubt it, so Mack Brown gets to stay the year. Will someone rush for 1000 yards in a game against Texas this year? If so, it won’t be Kansas State. K State has gone 2-1 against teams you have never heard of. But ND State you should have. I have no idea who K State is this year, but I do know this, if they can’t run it on Texas, its going to be a dreadfully long year. Texas has a chance to right the ship. At least until next week.

I am now off to Gainesville and a weekend of Burrito Brothers and Gator football!