Posted: October 16, 2013

Oregon at Washington – As expected, the Huskies did not get blown out, but the Ducks win comfortably. Washington is a program headed in the right direction, but they just cannot compete with the elite of the Pac12….yet. Oregon just needs to avoid a massive mistake versus Washington State before they head into back to back games against UCLA and Stanford.

Boston College at Clemson – BC was leading this game going into the 4Q. Clemson now has a big showdown with the Seminoles. That will be must see TV.

Stanford at Utah – The Utes get their biggest home win beating a Top 5 team at home for the first time with a big goal line stand at the end of the game. The Utes played a great game and were rewarded by pulling the upset. This is a huge setback to the Cardinal in terms of national title, but winning the Pac 12 is still within their control. Two of their next three games are against UCLA and Oregon so Stanford needs to put this loss behind them quickly.

Missouri at Georgia – The Tigers head coach talked about earning respect after this game. I can tell you that they had none from me before it due to their schedule. This legitimizes the Tigers somewhat, but I still want to see another decent win before I buy in completely. The next two weeks are Florida and South Carolina. Then we shall talk.

Florida at LSU – If you told me the Gators would hold LSU to 17 points, I would have really liked our chances. But we could not do anything on offense and our defense could not score. This was a missed opportunity to steal this game, but it wasn’t close.

Oklahoma vs Texas – This was a rout and by the underdog Longhorns. Texas as a 14 point dog get the 16 point win. Don’t look now, but the Longhorns are 3-0 in the Big 12.

Michigan at Penn State – If I have said it once, I have said it 1 billion times, I hate leaving games up to the kicker. And Michigan seemed like they did it 5 times in this game. When you play conservative like that, I get real happy when you blow it. The Wolverine offense put up 34 points in regulation and when the game came to the end, was allowed to do nothing but put the ball in the center of the field for their kicker. I like Brady Hoke but he coached like a frightened school girl instead of playing this to win. Never leave a game up to the kicker, especially in college.

South Florida at UConn – This game lived up to my belief that some games should be allowed to end in a tie. Or better yet, not even played.