Posted: October 8, 2013

I did not have the opportunity to watch any games prior to 8pm as CollegeFootballQuest was in Syracuse this weekend and I was accompanied by my wife and kids. So, some of this recap is based on heresay and highlights.

Texas @ Iowa State – I guess this is what the Longhorns have become, needing a last second TD and a push across the goal line by the officials to beat the Cyclones.

Maryland at Florida State – I guess the Terps were not for real. This is a score that you see in a directional school game. The takeaway for me is that schedule matters. Maryland’s 4-0 record was a mirage as they played noone. No the Terps know where they stand and it is far away from the top of the ACC.

Clemson at Syracuse – The Quest stop of the week was in Syracuse. In my preview, I noted that the spread on this game was way too low and that proved correct. The Clemson offense could have and should have put up even more points. During large stretches of this game, Tiger receivers were open by 10 yards or more. Note to Syracuse – When trailing by 28 points in the second half, do not run the FB dive play more than twice. I think they ran it 5 times in the 3Q.

Georgia at Tennessee – I did not see any of this game, but I wish I had.

Ole Miss at Auburn – This was a game the Rebels needed, if only for my own self interest. With Texas A&M and LSU next up for Ole Miss, they could be on a 4 game losing streak when the Quest heads to Oxford in late October.

Kentucky at South Carolina – Not as close as the score indicated but something is seriously wrong in Columbia as Clowney asks out of this game due to an injury. I am going to be watching that situation closely because there is something seriously amiss in Gamecock land.

Ohio State at Northwestern – My opinion of Northwestern shot up after this game. In my view, you can lose and move up in the rankings and in my rankings Northwestern did. There is no such thing as a moral victory, but this is as close as you can get.