Posted: October 1, 2013

Miami at South Florida – I only mention this game because South Florida may be the worst team in D1. This game was 49-7 at one point. I bet Coach Taggert misses WKU right about now.

Oklahoma State at West Virginia – Huge bounce back win for WVU and completely unexpected by me. This is a bad loss by OSU and significantly dents their chances at a Big12 title as the closing schedule is Texas, Baylor, and Oklahoma. The Cowboys needed to be undefeated in the Big12 entering that stretch. WVU may have found their QB in FSU transfer Clint Trickett, but it took 2 loses to get there.

South Carolina at Central Florida – How did this game come about in Orlando? Through halftime UCF was the far better team. But at the half, Coach Spurrier must have changed tactics and said we are going to run right at you and dare you stop us. UCF could not as SC squeaks by at 28-25. The loss of Connor Shaw certainly impacted what SC could do with the ball. But this was still too close for comfort for the Gamecocks.

Northern Illinois at Purdue – The Huskies are now 2-0 in the Big 10 as this is the first time a MAC team has won two games in a season against the Big 10. The other win coming against Iowa.

LSU at Georgia – In a great college football game, the Bulldogs edge the Tigers by 3. Georgia finishes an opening gauntlet of Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU by winning 2 out of 3. Things get a little easier now and they are in great position for a run at the national title. The Tigers lose by 3 and my opinion of the Tigers goes up. They battled in a tough environment and only lost by 3. On a neutral site, this game could have turned out different. LSU will have a lot to say about who wins the SEC West as they still control their divisional destiny.

This is all that I got to see in depth as I was at the Oregon / Cal game in a typhoon and tailgating was necessary. But the impression from the scores scrolling by is that the top of the Pac12 continues to pour it on. Oregon, Stanford, Washington, and Arizona State put up big numbers. Florida State overcame a slow start against Boston College and Alabama’s defense made a statement responding to recent criticism by shutting out Ole Miss, a team that I thought would play them a little bit tighter.

I must close with an about time Lane Kiffin got fired. I still have ill will towards him over some idiotic statements he made while head coach at Tennessee. It is curious how he keeps getting prestigious jobs despite no positive track record. I love Paul Finebaum’s words on the topic and I will leave it at that….

“How did someone like Lane Kiffin ever get these jobs?” Finebaum said. “How did he land the Raiders job? At Tennessee? And particularly the one at SC? People think it’s because of his father, Monte, the great defensive wizard. In some respects, Lane Kiffin is the Miley Cyrus of college football. He has very little talent, but we simply can’t take our eyes off him.”
Yahoo Article on Lane Kiffin