Posted: August 27, 2014

1. The Quest begins Week 1 with the annual Gainesville trip, family in tow. Here’s to hoping it does not cost as much as last years trip to Syracuse….too late! But on the plus side, the kids first Gator game. Let’s hope it’s not another Georgia Southern debacle.

2. Al has no chance of gaining ground in the overall standings this year. I am ahead and not looking back….ever!

3. I love the SEC Network starting off with a bang. Thursday night doubleheader… Texas A&M at South Carolina (great opening game) and then Temple at Vanderbilt (they all can’t be premier games). I hope Aggie fans enjoyed last year, because without Manziel, this year they are going to realize how tough the SEC really is.

4. I came within an hour of being stranded in Europe in 2010 due to Icelandic volcano eruptions. Could be a long season in the European collegiate league for UCF and Penn State if eruptions begin again this weekend.

5. My team to watch out for this year that noone is talking about is Iowa. Sorry Hawkeyes, you are now destined to lose to Northern Iowa.

6. The team that people are talking about but not as much as they should be are the UCLA Bruins. They are headed to the playoffs.

7. Ohio State will be ok without Braxton Miller. I had them tied atop the Big Ten East at 7-1 before injury and still think that is where they end up.

8. Jarrett has not used TomTom in years. But I do leave my phone clip in almost every rental car. And if you have ever seen Al drive, you know why it is a rare occurrence on the Quest.

9. The insanity of Alex’s scoring system is surpassed only by the insanity that is Al’s Starbucks Chai tea obsession.

10. The best games this weekend look like Clemson at Georgia and Wisconsin vs. LSU. Two top SEC teams tested early. Does Al’s national champion pick go down in Week 1? No, but he may sweat it out.

11. Optimism in Knoxville, TN can be crushed in Week 1 with an upset by Utah State. Prepare for it but don’t expect it. This is going to be a good game and the Aggies could pull it out, but probably not.

12. Let’s hope for a few potential upsets this weekend because otherwise the Week 1 slate looks thin, but hey, it’s football season, also known as the four months that my wife hates me the most.