Posted: August 25, 2014

I now present the definitive Top 25 preseason poll. I polled all one of me, tabulated the results, and now present my top 25 poll.

This poll is based on who I think are the better teams. In my opinion, a higher ranked team would beat a lower ranked team on a neutral field. It is not based on how they will finish the year. For example, if I think the Rajin’ Cajuns will go undefeated and therefore the media will vote them high because only record matters, I may have them ranked significantly lower, because I do not believe they would beat the teams higher than them on a neutral field.

Simply put, my rankings are who I think are the best teams, irrespective of record. Not to say wins and losses do not matter, but a one point loss on the road to the #1 team in my poll, may have Adelphi rise, as my opinion of them may change for the better and not fall because Adelphi lost.

1. Florida State
2. Alabama
4. Oregon
5. Baylor
6. Oklahoma
7. Georgia
8. Auburn
9. Michigan State
10. Ohio State
11. South Carolina
12. Stanford
13. LSU
14. Wisconsin
15. Clemson
16. Notre Dame
17. Iowa
18. North Carolina
19. Washington
20. Southern California
21. BYU
22. Texas
23. Florida
24. Michigan
25. Central Florida

I plan to post a poll at the beginning of each week. There may be significant fluctuation to my rankings as I watch teams play, as my opinion of their ability to beat teams above and below them on a neutral field may change. I will not be simply sliding teams up and down based on if they win or lose, but rather reevaluating my opinion each week. I believe this is how a poll should be done.