Posted: May 6, 2013

There is a petition on the White House’s “We the People” web site for President Obama to call the Jaguar’s GM and have the President tell the GM to sign Tebow.

For those of you who know me, or even remotely follow this web site, you know there is no bigger Florida Gator fan than I am. I am also a huge Tebow fan. By all accounts, he is a great person, and an absolutely fantastic college QB who has done great things both for and at the University of Florida. I will always be thankful he is a Gator and for all the positive publicity he has and continues to proudly bring to my beloved alma mater.

But these ardent Tebow supporters need to stop and stop now. You are giving us all a bad name. The NFL is a business. The business has two components; winning and profits. With few exceptions, there are no conspiracy theories and teams are motivated by either wanting to win or wanting to make money or some combination of both. With rare exception, teams do not do things on a personal basis.

What the Jets did to Tebow last year was unfortunate and completely boggles the mind to figure out just what they were thinking, but it was not personal, it was ineptitude. The decision to release Tebow after the draft, while unfortunate for Tim in both action and timing, was the right thing for the Jets as an organization. It was not personal.

Tim Tebow is an adult and will handle it with class. He will make the next move that is best for him. I, along the the Gator Nation, will support him whether he lands on another NFL roster, somewhere else, or in the broadcast booth. The Gator Nation supports its own. But it can go to far. The Jaguars will do what they need to do for them based on trying to win, make money or both. All that the people that sign this petition, and especially the one who started it, are doing is giving us all a bad name. This is a perfect example of too far. Stop whining, grow up and do something else with your abundance of free time. Please stop, for all of us.