Posted: May 13, 2013 Is there anything more exciting than an NHL Game 7 overtime? Not in my book. Wow, what a first round. A record number of overtime games. Last night we had a dud of a Game 7 in Washington, but the game in Boston more than made up for it. After coming back from a 3-1 deficit, the Leafs forced a Game 7 and had a 3 goal lead in the third period. For the first time in NHL history, a team came back from a 3 goal deficit in the third period, to win a Game 7. Fantastic! Also, a shout out to my NY Islanders for a great 1st round series against Pittsburgh. They outplayed Pittsburgh in all games except two. There is just no margin of error with the Pens. It takes the Isles 7 scoring chances for a goal, but with the Pens, one mistake and the puck is in the back of the net. But the Isles did us fans proud and we will learn from this and be back. BeLIeve! Also, Alexander Ovechkin, quit your whining. You got your butts handed to you in Game 7, just take it like a man and not a two year old. Yes, I agree the officiating has been poor in all the playoffs, but it is not biased, just poor. How about some consistency? The calls are not bad, they are just woefully inconsistent. Lets review my first round predictions…. 1st round Eastern Conference Pittsburgh vs Islanders > Pittsburgh in 6 Pittsburgh in 6 Montreal vs Ottawa > Ottawa in 6 Ottawa in 5 Washington vs Rangers > Rangers in 7 Rangers in 7 Boston vs Toronto > Toronto in 7 Boston in 7 I think I had a pretty good Eastern Conference first round. 1st round Western Conference Chicago vs Minnesota > Chicago in 4 Chicago in 5 Anaheim vs Detroit > Anaheim in 7 Detroit in 7 Vancouver vs San Jose > Vancouver in 6 San Jose in 4 St Louis vs Los Angeles > St Louis in 7 Los Angeles in 6 Not so good in the Western Conference, but I have lost only one of my final 4 teams and both my finals picks are still alive. Due to the NHL reseeding its playoffs, I cannot carry over picks because the match ups are different. So here are my revised 2nd round picks. 2nd round Eastern Conference Original & Revised Pittsburgh vs Ottawa > Pittsburgh in 5 Toronto vs Rangers > Rangers in 6 I will keep my Rangers pick over Boston, but in 7 2nd round Western Conference Original Chicago vs St Louis > Chicago in 5 Anaheim vs Vancouver > Anaheim in 7 Revised Chicago vs Detroit > Chicago in 6 Los Angeles vs San Jose > LA in 6 Semi Finals Pittsburgh vs Rangers > Pittsburgh in 6 Chicago vs Anaheim (now LA) > Chicago in 6 Finals Pittsburgh vs Chicago > Pittsburgh in 6

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