Posted: September 15, 2014

A look back at Week 3 of the college football season.

1. Ok, I was wrong. The schedule appeared light, but three Top 25 teams lost to unranked opponents; USC, Virginia Tech, and Louisville. Additionally, UCLA barely escaped against a down Texas team. Further, the only match-up of Top 25 teams was a good one as South Carolina beat Georgia. I think both of those teams have some work to do on defense. I believe that I wrote…I don’t see any other game where a Top 25 team is challenged with the possible exception of East Carolina at Virginia Tech. Not exactly on the nose, but I did allude to one of the upsets, so at least there is that.

2. Did Vanderbilt really have to rally with two TD’s in the 4Q, the second coming with a little over a minute left to beat UMass? Uh oh. That does not bode well for the SEC slate. With Kentucky improving, does this appear to make the Commodores the 0-8 SEC East team?

3. Following my impressive results in item 1 above, I did also state that… I predicted Georgia to win the SEC East before the season and I see no reason to back off that pick now. I think the Bulldogs win, pulling away in the second half…in reference to the Georgia vs South Carolina game. Nailed it! I think both teams are a mess on defense right now. Next week is chance for both teams to get right before the SEC Conference schedule ramps up.

4. I also said…USC at Boston College – West coast team traveling east? Let down for the Trojans after beating Stanford? No! The better team wins easily. Do you get the sense that I did not exactly have this weekend pegged.

5. Our trip to Houston in November is not looking like it will be filled with superior teams…UTEP is 2-1, Rice 0-2, Houston 1-2, and SMU is 0-2 and their coach quit.

6. Did Cincinnati really play it’s first game this week in Week 3 of the season? Who made that schedule?

7. I will not comment on the Florida-Kentucky game due to my natural bias, but boy was that an entertaining game, so long as you did not have a rooting interest. But I do not know of many 3OT games that are not exciting. Please look up the SEC East standings. I will enjoy it now.

8. The Big Ten suffered yet another blow as Bowling Green beat Indiana. No further comment needed.

9. The team picked last in the SEC West, Arkansas, went on the road and beat a mid level Big 12 team, Texas Tech, by 21. Arkansas ran for 438 yards and has the 3rd most rushing yards in FBS. It looks like Coach Bielma has his offense in place. Arkansas could be much much improved, but in the SEC West, they may still struggle for wins. But I don’t want to play the Razorbacks.

10. The Vols went on the road to Oklahoma and were just outclassed. The Big 12 got its revenge against the SEC. The Volunteer rejunivation still has some ground to make up as a 24 point loss is never acceptable in Knoxville, but a few years back, this game would have been really ugly.

11. The Bruins escaped the Longhorns. First, let’s look at Texas. This team is a mess. There is no better example than the fact that the Longhorns kicked off to start both halves. UCLA won the toss and deferred. Texas then chose to play defense. The referee then tried to explain to the Longhorns what they were doing and they still elected to play defense. I could say these things happen, etc., etc. but THESE THINGS DON’T HAPPEN! How do you kickoff twice? UCLA lost QB Brett Hundley to injury on their second possession. The Bruins needed a TD with three minutes left to pull out the win. I was very high on UCLA this year but I just do not see it on the field. This team is struggling to beat teams that they are just better than…8 point win over Virginia, 7 point win to Memphis and 3 point win against Texas. Next game Arizona State. The Sun Devils are not a team I am sold on yet, but they are a team that will not let UCLA get away with a sub par performance. I think we learn a lot about ASU as well as UCLA in that game.