Posted: May 22, 2013

Excuse me, but I have been feeling guilty the past few days.

This year, I had the pleasant diversion of New York Islanders playoff hockey. Playoff hockey is an awesome spectator sport and when your team is involved, it is truly fantastic. But after a very hard fought series against the Penguins, the Isles have been eliminated. I have been watching hockey almost every night but it just is not the same when your team is out. Fortunately, hockey still has many weeks left, but after that it will be a countdown until college football kicks off. The NBA and MLB just do not do it for me.

So it is in that mindset, that I have been slowly getting excited for kickoff. Now all the press is focusing on the 100 days until kickoff story and I cannot help but let the mind wander to the upcoming season. Is this wrong? 99 days is still a long time. Shouldn’t my mind be wandering to something else instead?

This combined with the fact that yesterday, we booked our airline tickets to Oregon. This will be our first trip to the left coast and the farthest west we have gone since Lubbock, Tx. This is a trip I have wanted to make since the beginning of this quest. If the sheer cost of the Oregon trip does not make this even more real than leaving my family for 4 weekends a year has already been, than I do not know what will.

So with all this swirling around, I am already rushing summer and counting down until kickoff. But something makes me think that it just is not right. Live in the moment! Something to strive for and remind myself of often.