Posted: May 30, 2013

Well, the hockey playoffs continue to fail to disappoint. The two Western Semi’s were fantastic and I reiterate my previous statement…Is there anything more exciting than an NHL Game 7 overtime? Chicago even won their Game 7 twice, once with a minute to go and again in overtime. Let’s hope the ball keeps rolling and I think we are in for a fantastic Conference Finals round.

So without further ado, let us see how I am doing in my predictions and make some new ones for the Conference Finals round. Please keep in mind that with the NHL reseeding its playoffs, I cannot carry over picks from one round to the next because the match ups are different.

2nd round Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa > Pittsburgh in 5 Pittsburgh in 5
Boston vs Rangers > Rangers in 7 Boston in 5 blew that one big time

2nd round Western Conference

Chicago vs Detroit > Chicago in 6 Chicago in 7
Los Angeles vs San Jose > LA in 6 LA in 7

Not too bad on those. I am going to make some small revisions to my original conference finals picks (length of series only, I am keeping my winners intact), but I will keep my overall finals pick intact.

Semi Finals

Pittsburgh vs Boston > Pittsburgh in 6
Chicago vs LA > Chicago in 7


Pittsburgh vs Chicago > Pittsburgh in 6

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