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Are You Ready For Some Football, College Football that is? 2015 Edition

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28th July

Posted: July 28, 2015

It is the time of year in New York where simply commuting into Manhattan leaves one dripping with sweat. Fortunately, the commuter railroad known as the LIRR, sees fit to lower the AC to a cool 80 degrees; when the AC is working. The subway tunnels remind me of a sauna combined with the body odor of Jerry’s BMW. It is the time of year where I long for the bitter cold we experienced in Maryland or Northern Illinois. That is how I know that I am insane and that college football is right around the corner. It is simply not a normal thing to wish summer to be over so that the Quest may continue. But that is who I am.

Things have not been quiet at College Football Quest headquarters. … Read More »

Are You Ready For Some Football (College Football that is)?

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4th August

Posted: August 4, 2014

As the calendar turns to August, it is time to get primed for the upcoming college football season. It has been some time since I have posted, but that does not mean that things have been quiet here at the College Football Quest.

We have constructed a 2014 schedule that takes us to some destinations that have been prominent on our list since the inception of the quest. The schedule carefully factors the Florida Gator’s schedule as well as the prime consideration of avoiding northern destinations too late in the year.

We start with Jarrett’s family outing to Gainesville as the Florida Gators take on the Idaho Vandals. The kids will go to their first Gator game. This game was chosen for two reasons a) the kids do not start school until Wednesday after Labor … Read More »

Does Gail Cunningham work for the Florida Gators?

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21st August

. Posted: August 21, 2013

I get it, Mike Slive is Kramer and the Florida Gator’s team dietician is Gail Cunningham. Commence the snub! That is the only scenario that makes sense. How else can it be explained that the Gators 2014 SEC West opponents are Alabama and LSU?

Let’s look at the cross divisional games in 2014.

SEC East
Florida: Alabama, LSU
Georgia: Arkansas, Auburn
Kentucky: LSU, Mississippi St.
Missouri: Texas A&M, Arkansas
South Carolina: Texas A&M, Auburn
Tennessee: Ole Miss, Alabama
Vanderbilt: Mississippi St., Ole Miss

SEC West
Alabama: Florida, Tennessee
Arkansas: Georgia, Missouri
Auburn: South Carolina, Georgia
LSU: Florida, Kentucky
Ole Miss: Tennessee, Vanderbilt
Mississippi St: Kentucky, Vanderbilt
Texas A&M: South Carolina, Missouri

Now let’s analyze.

In the East, you have a significant advantage to Georgia. Georgia misses all of the top 3 in the west; Alabama, Texas A&M, & LSU. A big disadvantage for Florida, who has both their SEC West games against top 3 teams. South Carolina gets … Read More »

All Eyes on Destin, Fl

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28th May

Posted: May 28, 2013

Today begins the SEC meetings in Destin, Fl. What happens in SEC country reverberates throughout college football, so all eyes are watching. Yes, it is a conference meeting so there will be a lot on the agenda that does not directly relate to college football, but football drives the bus within the SEC and every conference, so it will be a large part of the agenda.

The politicking has already begun with Nick Saban, Les Miles, and others getting in their shots about the football schedule. I have attached my views on this in a previous post, Blow Up College Football Scheduling?. But what the SEC does will have ramifications elsewhere. And it is likely they will not reach any decision this week.

All sides are significantly correct. Les Miles is 100% correct that Florida … Read More »

Boo to The ACC

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25th April

Posted: April 25, 2013

A few days ago, the Presidents of the ACC schools approved a Grant of Media Rights. This essentially means that should a school depart the ACC, its media rights remain with the conference through the 2026-27 season. Many others have posted more details on this and I will not go any further in way of explanation. Many (if not all) are hailing this as a good thing, as it will effectively stop the conference realignments that have been occurring over the past few years. I strongly disagree and think this is a bad thing for college football in the long run. Yes for now this stops all that realignment stuff that was ugly, confusing and a money grab. The ACC did what it needed in order to protect itself, but it is not good … Read More »

The Makings of the 2013 Quest Schedule

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23rd April

Posted: April 23, 2013

College Football Quest has released our 2013 schedule. This year we will be going to Oregon, Syracuse, Mississippi, Central Florida, and South Florida. Let me provide some insight into how our Quest schedule for 2013 came to be made. And if you are thinking that this is like learning how sausage is made, you are not very far off.

First, I await the Southeastern Conference to release its schedule so that I can look at the Gator schedule and determine which weekends are primary travel weekends. These consist of the Florida Gator bye weeks and the weeks they play directional schools. Then I look at some of the lesser conference games to determine the “if I have to” travel weekends. I give the SEC a lot of credit and normally they have the conference … Read More »

Blow Up College Football Scheduling?

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16th April

Posted: April 16, 2013

I have been intrigued by a story late last week about the possible cancellation of the Notre Dame @ Arizona State game that was scheduled for 2014. It appears as if ND might be canceling this game and adding a game against Florida State as part of the new agreement between ND and the ACC. Needless to say, ASU is not pleased about this potential late cancellation and having to scramble to find a replacement game at the last minute. One that will most certainly be a lesser quality opponent, perhaps an FCS opponent, if they do not already exceed the practical limit. Setting aside my particular feelings about these specific events and teams, this got me to thinking and I believe that there is a larger story at play here within the … Read More »

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