Posted: July 28, 2015

It is the time of year in New York where simply commuting into Manhattan leaves one dripping with sweat. Fortunately, the commuter railroad known as the LIRR, sees fit to lower the AC to a cool 80 degrees; when the AC is working. The subway tunnels remind me of a sauna combined with the body odor of Jerry’s BMW. It is the time of year where I long for the bitter cold we experienced in Maryland or Northern Illinois. That is how I know that I am insane and that college football is right around the corner. It is simply not a normal thing to wish summer to be over so that the Quest may continue. But that is who I am.

Things have not been quiet at College Football Quest headquarters. Plans for 2015 are being made, travel arrangements being booked, and guest questers are being background checked. What is not happening at CFQ HQ, is The Target making plans to check off his requirements for full membership. Mr. Target is certainly taking his time; he must not want it bad enough.

We have constructed a 2015 schedule that will have 2015 go down as the year of the Midwest. Why? Simply, I don’t know, it just worked out that way. There was no plan for that to happen, it was simply a residual of our process. This has the potential to be a cold year, but right about now, that does not sound so bad. Check with me in November and this will probably be the worst idea we have had yet, which is no small feat.

The CFQ schedule begins on the earliest possible date; September 3. We looked at a Labor Day weekend out West at Idaho, Boise State, Utah and the like. But then we saw it. An opening weekend possibility at Central Michigan and Western Michigan. Then we saw they were playing Oklahoma State and Michigan State respectively. How did CMU and WMU get OSU and MSU to visit them? And on the opening weekend and on different days. This was an opportunity that just could not be passed up. So September 3 we will be at Oklahoma State at Central Michigan and on September 4 we will be at Michigan State at Western Michigan. Is there a better way to open the season than with a doubleheader?

In the beginning of October, we will be making the annual pilgrimage to Gainesville. This year it is Ole Miss at Florida. Ole Miss does not get to Gainesville all that often and those of you who follow us regularly know that we have become quite enamored with the Rebel program, so it was a natural trip. I think we are already at 7 of us on this trip. Pretty soon it will be worthwhile to rent an RV and drive down. Either that or a private jet!

Late October has us back down South for Florida State at Georgia Tech on October 24. The college football hall of fame is located in Atlanta so this is a trip we are very much looking forward to. In addition, I get another chance to root against a Florida rival.

We return to the Midwest on November 5 for the seemingly annual mid week MAC game. This year it is Buffalo at Kent State. We do like these games as it give us an opportunity to get to additional games without bearing the full wifely brunt of another weekend away from home.

The season concludes with the powerhouse match-up of Michigan State at Ohio State on November 21. This will be our second time seeing Michigan State this year. I hope they live up to their billing. This game is already being marked as a game with big implications not only in the BigTen but for the playoff as well. November in Columbus is not our ideal, but the game was just to big to pass up.

This is a very exciting 2015 schedule that could be very cold. But this plan has 5 quest games in addition to the annual Florida game, which is one more than typical. CFQ headquarters has been abuzz with making travel plans and research. All flights except one trip are booked and all hotel reservations have been made.

September 3 will be here before we know it and I for one can not wait.

As always, feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, travel suggestions, or anything else. We love connecting with college football fans and if we are coming to you, let us know, we would love to meet you.