Posted: October 22, 2013

Wow what a week. Six of the top 12 teams go down, with three losing to unranked teams. Things in the SEC looked upside down with Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Auburn, and Ole Miss winning while Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, and LSU lost. Lots of really good games. This was a great week to be on your couch all day Saturday.

Miami at North Carolina – Does any Top 10 team look less like a Top 10 team than Miami? Nov 2 versus FSU is looming large, but I would not put it past the Canes to lose to Wake.

UCF at Louisville – The Cards got the exact scenario they needed this weekend which amounted to chaos. That was their only hope of getting into the title game with their anemic schedule. But alas, the Cards lost to UCF. Put the Cards in the SEC, Pac12, or Big12 and they are a four loss team. Justice served.

Florida at Missouri – Florida is just plain bad. I am still not sure what the Tigers are as they have beaten two teams decimated by injury the past two weeks. Columbia, Missouri will have the largest concentration of Tide fans in the coming weeks as the only way the Tigers get to the title game is to have their SEC Championship be Alabama. But, we are getting ahead of ourselves.

South Carolina at Tennessee – Could this game be a turning point for the Vols? ‘Bama, Mizzou, and Auburn lie ahead, so probably not. The Gamecocks have Missouri up next. Watch for much visor throwing by the Old Ball Coach if the Gamecocks continue to play like this.

Minnesota at Northwestern – The season is turning ugly for the Cats after a 4-0 start and the schedule is going to get even tougher.

Georgia at Vanderbilt – Vandy pulls the upset with a 13 point comeback behind their backup QB. Georgia is now on a two game SEC slide and has massive injury problems. A trip to Atlanta is almost certainly gone. The Dogs now have two weeks to heal before the cocktail party versus the Gators in Jacksonville.

Auburn at Texas A&M – The Tigers pull the upset win in a fantastic game, assuming you hate defense. No comments here can do this game justice as it was a lot of fun to watch. As an aside, I really do not like Johnny Manziel’s game and I wish that ref had throw a taunting flag when he scored a go ahead TD late in the game. The ref probably did the right thing, but I wanted to see it thrown. It is still early, but with this win, it is tough for me to see a scenario where the season finale Alabama at Auburn is not for the SEC West title. That would be something. In case you could not tell, I like to look ahead, sometimes ridiculously so, as there are many potential pitfalls for the Tigers.

UCLA at Stanford – The high flying UCLA offense was completely shut down by the Cardinal defense. Stanford returned to normal this week playing their game and coming away with a big win. The Bruins still control their fate in the Pac12 South and this loss does not really sting too much. This game confirms my belief that last week was an aberration for Stanford against Utah. Do not sleep on the Cardinal getting back in the Pac12 hunt as their next two games are against the two teams above them in the standings.

LSU at Ole Miss – The Rebels get a big win ahead of the Quest trip to the Grove this week. The Rebels let a 17 point lead go away only to win on a last second field goal. This capped a crazy day in the SEC and did significant damage to the Tigers plans to get to Atlanta. LSU relaxes with a payday game against Furman before the playing the Tide. The Quest is very excited for its trip to the Grove. #cantwait

Florida State at Clemson – The big game was a dud. The Seminoles mauled the Tigers in every way shape and form. Tiger fans can have comfort in the fact that this years big loss was to a better team and not a “how did they lose to them game” which has been a hallmark of Clemson football. I hope someone proves me wrong, but my preseason pick of FSU in the national title game is looking good, unfortunately.