Posted: September 24, 2013

Colorado State at Alabama – The Tide wins this one and the score is impressive at 31-6. But in watching the game, the Rams were able to do some things offensively and I did not come away too impressed with the Tide in this one. So, I have done something I have been debating for a week or so. I have moved Oregon ahead of ‘Bama in my rankings. I am not as convinced as I once was that the ‘Bama defense can stop the Ducks attack.

Arizona State at Stanford – The score would leave you to believe this was a close game. It wasn’t. I leave much more impressed with Stanford than I have been previously. They make the big move up to #4 in my rankings.

North Texas at Georgia – Georgia pulled away late but this was a game in the third quarter. Who’d have thunk that in a weekend of blowouts, this game was not one of them?

Michigan at Connecticut – Michigan pulls this game out in the end. Michigan is beginning to make a habit of playing close games when being a huge favorite. And the schedule is going to get harder.

I did not get to see a lot of much else as I was at the Tennessee at Florida game but it does not look like I missed many good games as judged by some of the scores that were posted. Hopefully, there will not be any more weekends like this the rest of the year. I would have liked to have seen more of Michigan State at Notre Dame and Utah State at USC as both games were where I thought the road team had an excellent chance at an upset.