Posted: September 10, 2013

Florida at Miami – I think Miami played prevent on offense for three quarters. Wow, what a horrible performance by the Florida offense. Coach Muschamp can tell us all that if not for the momentum of the first Miami drive, none of this would have happened, but that presumes amnesia about the past 2 years. Florida’s offense is flat out offensive and Miami knew it. All Miami had to do was not get in the way of the gun and Florida’s foot. And the Canes almost bungled that.

South Carolina at Georgia – This Clowney saga could get interesting. This was a nice bounce back win for the Dogs finally beating SC. The win gives UGA a huge jump in the SEC East but due to the excellent scheduling in the SEC this year (which I have posted on ad nausea), SC still has a shot. UGA’s schedule has a few problems on it but this win gives them one free pass, but not two. Next big game…LSU on Sept 28.

Notre Dame at Michigan – An NCAA record crowd saw the last of the series to be played at the Big House. Lee Corso found himself caught up in the drama such that when picking the Irish he brought out chickens to the Gameday set in reference to Brady Hoke saying Notre Dame is chickening out of the series. He knows it is a lot more complicated than that but words it made for good press. As for the game, it was not able to generate the kind of exciting conclusion that last year’s game could, but that was an impossible order. While there was a time that you felt ND could get blown out, the game did get a little tight towards the end, but I think it would be fair to say that Michigan had control most of the way. It is clear that Devin Gardner allows Michigan to open things up a bit offensively. This could be a fun offense to watch. Did I really say that about a Big10 team?

Texas at BYU – Ok, let’s get this out of the way. I was wrong about Texas. I boldly picked them to be 8-1 and win the Big 12. And while that is still possible, this team has a lot of problems. BYU rushed for 550 yards. Read that again, BYU rushed for 550 yards. The Cougars had 679 yards of total offense. This cost the Longhorn DC his job. At what point is this Texas slump a rebuilding project and at what point is Mack Brown not the person to rebuild. I expected a much better Texas D this year. The offense seems ok, but that D is going to be a big problem unless they get that shipped righted quick, because the near term schedule is not easy.

Washington State @ USC – This was not the win that Mike Leach expected as Wash St. did not score an offensive TD, but he is not giving it back either. Another team that I am clearly wrong on this year is USC. I have them winning the PAC12 South at 8-1. While that is still possible, this game shows it’s not likely. I did enjoy the “Fire Kiffin” chants as those of you who follow this blog know; he is not my favorite coach. I do not know what this game tells me about WSU. They could be much improved after beating USC and almost beating Auburn last week, but USC could just be that poor with no answer at QB.