Posted: November 6, 2013

USC at Oregon State – The Trojans continue to impress since the firing of Lane Kiffin winning three of four games. USC is playing like I expected them to when I predicted an 8-1 conference record and winning the Pac12 South. I guess I did not factor enough of the Lane Kiffin influence. This loss for the Beavers hurt, as any remote chance of winning the North evaporated.

Georgia vs Florida – My Gators could not shake a dismal start and fall 23-20 to the rival Bulldogs. I am not really sure that either team walks away from this game feeling good, but a W is a W. Amid a very chippy game featuring many personal fouls of the offsetting variety, Todd Gurley was the difference. Georgia ran out the clock with an 8 minute drive to end the game as the Gator defense could not get off the field. The Gators showed something in coming back and not getting blown out as it looked like they would, but has the Florida program declined so much that “showing something” counts for anything?

Michigan at Michigan State – The Spartans beat up the Wolverines in this game. Michigan finished with minus 48 yards rushing. Minus 48. Seven sacks. The Spartans are 5-0 in the Big Ten and get a week off before facing the Cornhuskers in a big match up that all but could clinch the division for Sparty or put them behind the Huskers. Michigan will try to regroup as they have the Cornhuskers this week.

Northwestern at Nebraska – After starting 4-0, the Wildcats have now lost 5 straight and are finding ways to lose games that boggle the mind. This weeks game was more spectacular than the last, as the Huskers win on a 49 yard tipped Hail Mary. Things for the Cats do not look promising as they now face Michigan and Michigan State. A once promising season is on the verge of absolute disaster and they have some work to get bowl eligible. As for the Huskers, they control their own destiny in their division but they will work for it with four conference games left, all against teams with winning records.

Tennessee at Missouri – The Tigers rebound off the bitter loss to the Gamecocks by thrashing the Vols. Knowing that they still controlled their destiny and a trip to Atlanta and the SEC title game, the Tigers came out loose and did not let up. The Vols are a mess on offense and I am still stunned this team beat South Carolina. They better figure it out soon as Auburn comes in this weekend.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech – I expected a lot of points and this game did not disappoint. The Cowboy’s inexplicable loss to West Virginia can be overcome because there are three teams ahead of the Cowboys in the Big12 standings and they play them all. A tough road, but if the Cowboys continue to play like they did in this game, it can be done. The Red Raiders are on a two game slide after starting 7-0.

Miami at Florida State – The Noles steamrolled to a 41-14 win that looked quite impressive. The Noles are now 3rd in points for and 4th in points against. That is quite the combo. With conference games left against Wake Forest and Syracuse, it is tough to see a scenario where the Noles do not play for the ACC Championship but they have bigger goals and will need to surpass Oregon or Alabama to reach them. A repeat game against the Canes for the ACC title will not help. The Canes have a clear path to a rematch, win out. All four remaining games are conference games, so the Canes can not afford to lose any to get that rematch.