Posted: April 30, 2013

We are going to divert this blog to the NHL Playoffs for today.

It took a reduced 48 game schedule one extra day to play, but they are finally here…the NHL Playoffs. And for the first time since WWII (not quite but it feels like it), my New York Islanders are participating. It would have been nice to draw someone other than Pittsburgh, but after a great run to make the playoffs, the Isles just could not get over just making the playoffs and improve their position. So alas, it may be a brief appearance. I really thought the Isles had a great shot at winning a round against Boston, Montreal, or Washington, but I do not think it will happen against the Penguins.

So as we begin the Playoffs in what I consider to be the most exciting Playoffs in all of sport (I certainly do hope that over time the new College Football Playoff changes my opinion, but for now it stands), I will publish my predictions so that in 5-6 weeks we can all look back and have a great laugh.

1st round Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh vs Islanders > Pittsburgh in 6
Montreal vs Ottawa > Ottawa in 6
Washington vs Rangers > Rangers in 7
Boston vs Toronto > Toronto in 7

1st round Western Conference

Chicago vs Minnesota > Chicago in 4
Anaheim vs Detroit > Anaheim in 7
Vancouver vs San Jose > Vancouver in 6
St Louis vs Los Angeles > St Louis in 7

2nd round Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa > Pittsburgh in 5
Toronto vs Rangers > Rangers in 6

2nd round Western Conference

Chicago vs St Louis > Chicago in 5
Anaheim vs Vancouver > Anaheim in 7

Semi Finals

Pittsburgh vs Rangers > Pittsburgh in 6
Chicago vs Anaheim > Chicago in 6


Pittsburgh vs Chicago > Pittsburgh in 6

Having the two #1 seeds in the finals, guarantees I will be wrong because strange things happen in the NHL Playoffs, but I really do not see Pittsburgh being beat. I think Chicago could hit trouble along the way, but unless Lundqvist puts up zeros against a top notch offensive team, I see no trouble in the East for Pittsburgh. The one weakness I see in Pittsburgh, if I have to nit pick is on defense. However, I do not see any team in the East being able to take advantage of that weakness. So, the Pittsburgh Penguins skate around with the Cup.

Is there anything better in sports than a Game 7 overtime hockey game? Please let me know in the comments below.