Posted: July 2, 2013

Jacksonville Jaguars president Mark Lamping told Sports Business Journal that the team is considering using one of the new video screens to show the NFL RedZone channel. He did not elaborate if this would be non stop or only during commercial breaks in the Jaguars game. If they only show RZ channel during commercial breaks, this has the added benefit of indicating to the fans when the game has started again which due to the Jags play on the field has been impossible to determine otherwise.

I understand the notion of trying to bring the in home experience to the game. But I am not sure that fans go to a game for the same experience. Why would I pay for tickets to be less comfortable for the same experience. I go to the game for a different experience.

If I am going to spend a Sunday flipping around, I am going to do it from my couch, not a plastic seat. Plus, when has a guy ever voluntarily given up the remote. If the Jags put in couches and give me the remote, put me down for season tickets. Or better yet, install Sunday ticket with its own remote at each seat and then we are talking.

Plus doesn’t this rob me of the true halftime game experience of waiting on line for a bathroom and then on the way back grabbing a $10 beer and a $5 stale pretzel. With the RZ channel, I will now do that when the Jags game comes back from halftime.

You want to make the Stadium like my house, yet not rob me of the true game experience, how about adding WiFi and functional cell phone service so I can send a text in under 15 minutes.

My favorite part of this idea will be watching Maurice Jones-Drew checking out the video board to check on his fantasy team. Will it be bad form for Blaine Gabbert to cheer when his starting QB throws a TD? The Jags better have a contingency for when Justin Blackmon refuses to go in for a play because his RB is on the goal line.

If the Red Zone is only up for commercial breaks, we will get to relive the Heidi debacle over and over. The video board operator will be booed more than the Jags defense when he switches the RZ channel off with the Patriots on the goal line and Tim Tebow coming in at tight end.

At least the Jags are thinking about how to get fans to the game. But I am not sure that showing them other teams in the Red Zone is a good idea as it will only reinforce the notion that the Jags have not seen the Red Zone since 2011.