Posted: June 18, 2013

Other than the fact that I picked the Bruins in six, I will give you one other reason the Boston Bruins should be worried. Based on last night’s dominating performance, the entire hockey world has them winning the Cup. And in my true contrarian fashion, that raises red flags to me. When the world bets on one side, it is time to take the other side.

Last night the Bruins dominated the Blackhawks. At no point during that game was there a serious threat that Chicago would even score let alone win.

Chicago is now 0 for the series on the power play and can’t even get close to scoring on Tuukka Rask. While Rask has been playing really well and was absolutely rock solid on all his angles last night, it is the suffocating Bruin defense that is standing on its head.

Against Pittsburgh, Boston surrendered two goals in four games. This series they have allowed 5 in 3 games plus an extra 4 periods of overtime.

The Bruin dominance can be seen in all facets of the game. The Bruins won 40 face-offs to the Blackhawks 16. This can be skill and it can be home ice advantage but this is an absurd advantage and demonstrates the Bruin desire over the Blackhawks desire. The Bruins won all lose pucks.

This is a dominating run. And thus, it is widely assumed that Boston will just finish this off and skate off with the Cup, first stop Finland. As Lee Corso is fond of saying…not so fast my friend.

Hockey momentum is a fickle thing and once you think you have it figured out, it can change on a dime. Hockey more than any other sport, can completely reverse itself from game to game. And while I am solidly in the Bruin camp, I think it is going to be a bigger battle than people think and the Blackhawks are not done yet.

Chicago was missing its spark plug last night in Marian Hossa and they are going to need someone else to step up, and they are going to need it Wednesday. And even if they do, it might not matter as this Boston defense is playing superb. But if they can find that spark, this series is far from over. That fourth win in a series is the toughest and while I think Boston will get it eventually, it is not going to be as easy as last night was.

My non existent vote for MVP is the Boston Bruin defense. If ever a team effort deserved the MVP, it is this Bruin team. If they win!

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