August 27, 2014

Everyone has their predictions, so why not me as well? I’m going to take a different spin on things, adding a little CollegeFootballQuest flavoring to my mix on some of them, and of course, not pick this years champion:

  1. Charlie Weis has to go. I am not sure how you win no games and keep your job. I feel like he hasn’t won a game since 2010 (I could be exaggerating). There just seems like there is no plan there, similar to when Don Maloney took over the Islanders. You have three must win games out of the gate that he will lose 2 of, and then host Texas. September 29th he will have a tee time on the Blue Course at Doral. I just can’t see this going any other way. Yes, and I compared him to Maloney.
  2. Al will drive the rental car this year. This rarely happens, but I sense some drinking in Jarrett’s near future and we are against drinking and driving, clearly.
  3. And speaking of coaches, Urban Meyer will take a few games off as he begins to feel some “ever-familiar” stress after they lose to either Navy or Maryland in the first 5 games, or potentially both. Throw in a very good Cincinnati team, yikes. Remember that downfall season at Florida??
  4. We will see at least 6 people that we have met on previous Quest trips, this year, before December. Most of them will have a drink in their hand or hands.
  5. One of the schools we see on The Quest in 2014 will go undefeated this year. My guess is Houston.
  6. All participants in the Quest this season will finish “up” in the gambling winnings column. There’s a first for everything.
  7. Bon Jovi sings “who says you can’t go home?” I’ll tell you who…Billy Joel. He always says “you can never go back to the green”. Going back home for Bobby Petrino will be an absolute disaster. New conference, no Teddy, and Charlie Strong was actually that good.
  8. Jarrett will forget to bring his TomTom dashboard holder for the 5th time, and later in the season will accidentally break it right after telling me he remembered to bring it. It’s already in the expense forecast for 2015 in my mind.
  9. Auburn will not beat Alabama again. Stop talking about it.
  10. Someone will tell us North Texas is the greatest football experience ever and we need to be there soon.
  11. The record for “most college football clothing items in an airport before 9AM” will be broken this year. Previous record is 9 at LaGuardia’s infamous old Delta terminal.
  12. Jim Mora is your Coach of the Year, and not just to piss off USC and Oregon fans. He’s turned down some big jobs to stay, that’s confidence. The stars are aligned. He’s good, and his team went grossly unnoticed (by me) last year.
  13. Speaking of getting noticed; Starbucks. They will finally notice the importance of their Iced Grande Chai to me, and will sponsor my drinking habit for next season. Really, it’s about $50, I think you can handle it Starbucks. My local store manager comp’s me that much a month…
  14. Oregon QB will win the Heisman this year, but again Oregon will fall short again of the National Championship. Good thing the voting is early huh? Because otherwise that Georgia running back would win……oh…hmmm….wait…did I just go there?
  15. It’s a bad year for me to root for Michigan State, being we are going to Michigan, but I have to say I love a good defense (NFL Jets fan says). And they have probably the best all-around in the country consider the level of talent they have and they face. Add in a favorable schedule that has Oregon in early enough to ruffle Mariota’s feathers (see what I did there?) and not ruin his Heisman chances, and Michigan State could be looking at a very important Nov 29th date at Penn State and a spot in the final 4.
  16. Maryland will win 9 games this year, and Navy will win 10. Both get to play Ohio State early in the season, which will be very telling all around, says the king of obvious.
  17. I will pick up a game on Jarrett this year in the overall standings.
  18. None of our houses will be affected by a hurricane this year. No hurricanes.
  19. An Athletic Department for a school we visit this year, as has been the case since 2009, will be named a Super 11 Award winner. Previous winners during years of our visits have been Buffalo, East Carolina, Nebraska, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss. Clearly there is a direct correlation.
  20. Alex will not change the scoring system. This will never happen.
  21. Oh yeah, it’s Georgia…..

The 2014 schedule has us visiting Florida, Michigan, LSU, Rice, and Houston (in that order).

Want to participate? How do you find us (or how do we find you)? We are always on and around campus during our trip weekends, clearly accessible, spending lots of time wandering around. We spend as much time walking, touring, and speaking with people as we can since each campus is visited only once. We’re on twitter, Facebook, email at , and our website . Find us!! We’d love to meet you and talk football!

Enjoy the season, and good luck to your team!