Bold Predictions For 2014 – 1st Follow-Up    9/8/2014

Here’s my first follow-up to my predictions:

  1. Charlie Weis has won a game. Hooray!!!  Now clearly it wasn’t against a mighty powerhouse like Kansas State (he he ha ha), but he did manage a “W”, which was important being he has impossible games the rest of the way (can’t believe Duke is an impossible game). Sure the game this past weekend against Orville Reddinbochers School of Growing Better Popcorn, but they did win, and the game was over at halftime in convincing fashion. The problem was they let them climb back in, all the way to an onside kick with under 2 minutes left. Too close, no finish, poor coaching. Still on target for September 29th where he will have a tee time on the Blue Course at Doral. I just can’t see this going any other way still.
  2. Al will drive the rental car this year. Jarrett’s fabrication of my driving abilities (which was clearly on display at the Orlando Grand Prix off University), were just nonsense. However, I shouldn’t complain about my Miss Daisy role in the car.
  3. Urban Meyer – could I have been more accurate here??? Barely escaped week one against Navy (that was much closer than the final score), and a solid loss to a below average VT squad, they have one week to enjoy a Kent State victory before the kidney stones start to appear during the Cincinnati game, and a “stress related” issue pops up after the Maryland loss.
  4. Running into people from previous Quest trips. How funny, Jarrett ran into a Northern Illinois player who played in one of my top 3 games of all time on the Quest!! In Gainesville of all places!! Does that count as one? I knew this would be a weird year for us and meeting people.
  5. Well clearly it won’t be Houston who will go undefeated although after watching UTSA’s first two games, I clearly think of the movie Blue Chips. So maybe Houston goes 10-1 and down the road UTSA has to forfeit their entire season for paying Shaq…
  6. All participants in the Quest this season will finish “up” in the gambling winnings column. There’s a first for everything. Still on target here.
  7. Bobby Petrino…well clearly the U stink, because I was banking on an opening weekend defeat and chaos following. But on a two game win streak and some other cupcakes to follow, they could get some momentum and win a few games (no more than 8). That would still be more than I thought. Not looking good on this one. And Texas by the way, looks WORSE.
  8. Ok so we don’t use TomTom … that wasn’t the point. The point was the dashboard holder would break. Still comfortable with this happening.
  9. Auburn will not beat Alabama again. Stop talking about it. Will lose to LSU, Ole Miss, A&M and Georgia all before stepping on the field with Alabama….stop discussing.
  10. Someone will tell us North Texas is the greatest football experience ever and we need to be there soon. Ummmm, you lost to Texas already this year (which is not an impressive result at all), so your gameday experience for the rest of the year only goes downhill.
  11. The record for “most college football clothing items in an airport before 9AM” will be broken this year. Previous record is 9 at LaGuardia’s infamous old Delta terminal. Oddly I was travelling to Toronto this past weekend (yes, Canada. Yes, not for football. Yes, again, Canada) and went thru this same terminal and we noted 6 people with college football hats or shirts before our 9AM flight. Laguardia sucks but could it be the Mecca for airport college football sports clothing??
  12. Jim Mora is your Coach of the Year. Ok, you are 2 and ) and you are about to get thru your 3 cupcakes before hitting us with an Arizona State game. Get your shit together cause so far I have NOT been impressed. And for you to win this award, we need some dominating performances to go with no losses.
  13. Starbucks replied to my Twitter post with a free drink they credited to my account. Baby steps people, baby steps (on the sponsorship).
  14. Oregon QB will win the Heisman this year, but again Oregon will fall short again of the National Championship. Good thing the voting is early huh? Because otherwise that Georgia running back would win……oh…hmmm….wait…did I just go there? I’m dead on balls accurate here.
  15. Mich State (I can’t even write out your full name after this weeks loss). What happened? You made some great adjustments, took a commanding lead, and then let your band play the second half against Oregon? I’m very upset with you today.
  16. Maryland will win 9 games this year, and Navy will win 10. Both get to play Ohio State early in the season, which will be very telling all around, says the king of obvious. Still good here. Have you looked at either of these teams schedules?
  17. I will pick up a game on Jarrett this year in the overall standings. This will happen at the Rice game.
  18. None of our houses will be affected by a hurricane this year. This assumes we don’t buy a second house in Florida this year.
  19. An Athletic Department for a school we visit this year, as has been the case since 2009, will be named a Super 11 Award winner. Previous winners during years of our visits have been Buffalo, East Carolina, Nebraska, Western Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Ole Miss. Clearly there is a direct correlation. Going with LSU on this one.
  20. Alex will not change the scoring system. Never will happen. I think there is a technology limitation there we don’t know about.

The 2014 schedule has us visiting Florida, Michigan, LSU, Rice, and Houston (in that order).

Want to participate? How do you find us (or how do we find you)? We are always on and around campus during our trip weekends, clearly accessible, spending lots of time wandering around. We spend as much time walking, touring, and speaking with people as we can since each campus is visited only once. We’re on twitter, Facebook, email at , and our website . Find us!! We’d love to meet you and talk football!

Enjoy the season, and good luck to your team!