Posted July 20, 2014

Want To Be Part Of and Help Us With “The Quest”????

I have to admit, we have a great time on The Quest!! What’s not to like about college football games, big time football fans, tailgating, cheerleaders, new locations, rivalries, touring campuses and facilities, food challenges, LaGuardia Airport…ok well maybe not LaGuardia Airport, but the list is endless for an  opportunity to experience all that is good about college football!!

We get asked while on every trip “how can we be part of your Quest”? Of course by then it is almost too late. So here’s how. If we are coming to your school, we’d love to talk to you and learn anything and everything there is to know about your school and program! You’ll probably even get quote and a picture on our Trip Report page, if that does it for you! Are you the biggest fan at your school? Do you have the best tailgate? Are you a historian for your team? Gathering information prior to our trips has increased the value and the enjoyment of each trip ten-fold. So let’s hear from you!

This year we are visiting Florida, Michigan, LSU, Rice, and Houston (in that order).

How do you find us (or how do we find you)? We are always on and around campus during our trip weekends, clearly accessible, spending lots of time wandering around. We spend as much time walking, touring, and speaking with people as we can since each campus is visited only once. We’re on twitter, Facebook, email at , and our website . Find us!! We’d love to meet you and talk football!

Enjoy the season, and good luck to your team!