My dad is Jarrett Singer and I am his only daughter. I share the love of sports with him. Ever since he has told me his stories of college when he went to Florida and telling me about college football, I have wanted to go to University of Florida when I go to college. Hopefully he will get to live his dream of his kids following his footsteps and going to Florida Not only do I watch college football with him but every Sunday we sit down and watch the NFL games together. We spend a lot of time together and I enjoy it especially while watching and talking about sports. I was very excited when I found out he will be taking me on his next trip. He is taking our whole family to Syracuse. This will not only be my first college football game, but it will be my first football game pro or college. I am very excited as well as going on one of my dads trips. I miss him while he is away, but now I don’t have to miss him because I will be right there next to him.