July 12, 2013 – My week started out with my “lack of memory” causing a big scheduling snafu in our 2013 plans; specifically a well thought out doubleheader with UCF and USF. My nieces bat mitzfah falls on the same Saturday as our USF game in Tampa. It’s not like the date her party hadn’t been carved in stone since 2009 or anything. What an F up!!! So now we are breaking up a clear opportunity for a doubleheader in the future to see a Thursday night UCF game in Orlando, and then running back to NYC on Friday. Miserable!!! So since I am really pissed off at this, I thought I would take out some of my anger on other people in New York in an effort to make me feel better:

Let’s start with the dog walkers. See, I’m not the one who is very concerned with the poop on the street that dog owners leave behind. Yes, it is gross, and yes, they really should clean it up, but I am looking for it and thus will rarely or never step in in (knock of wood). What really bothers me is the stupidity of these owners who let their dogs pee up against the buildings. Don’t they realize the sidewalk slopes to the stress for rain run off? Now your dog piss is running down the sidewalk, people are walking in it, I am walking in it, walking into my office, my car, my home….disgusting. Pee on the curb.

Tourists…listen, I get you don’t know how to walk on city streets, especially NYC (and I will blog later about “how to walk in NYC”) but really, ALL the buildings are tall. Take a picture of any of them. BIG, yes very BIG. And while you are at it, step aside. Don’t stop short while walking n the middle of the sidewalk to take that “perfect picture”!!! The building is SO FREAKING BIG that if you step 3 feet left or 3 feet right, the picture will come out EXACTLY THE SAME. Just some free advice there from this rocket scientist.

And while we are on the subject of walking, just some obvious common courtesy items. First, when walking, I think the rules of the driving road should be followed to the point that you walk to the right of someone coming at you. There should be no uncomfortable stop and guessing. Second, the escalator, while fun that it allows you to not have to walk down stairs, doesn’t mean others wont be taking advantage of double speed and walking down them. Sooooooo move your ass to the right if you are just going to stand, and make sure you do it in single file, so that the people on schedules can get down those or up those stairs quickly.

Starbucks….ok, this kills me. You order your drink and everyone needs to do two things; stand as close to a packed counter waiting for their drink (even though the barristers call out all the names anyway) and two, even if they don’t hear their name, but it is something close (you know, like Al is close in sound to Veronica), they need to touch every drink. Get your grubby, dirty little hands off my drink and wait for your name to be called. Yes, Veronica said this morning, and I quote “That looks like my drink but doesn’t have my name on it, it says Al”. God, how do you get thru the day?

Lets talk about the Long Island Railroad, one of the most expensive and I believe one of the only electric train systems in the country of this size. My train I take to the city has probably been on the LIRR schedule for over 30 years. give or take 10 (irrelevant, it is still such a long time). that’s just my ONE regular train I take in the AM, the 730AM express. The train has 2 pick up stops, followed by the destination. 30 years of data, and still they don’t provide enough seats for everyone to sit? Who does the math on train car allotment? They should be fired. ITs the same people on that train for years, it doesn’t change. Yet, I stand if I cant guess where the train doors will open on the platform.

And this weather in NYC so far this summer. The humidity, what the heck???

And Ray Lewis…….it still kills me (no pun intended) that he completely got off in Atlanta, and these other bozos didn’t.

I did smile about the suspensions that were announced coming in baseball after the AllStar break…….so I guess the week wasn’t a total loss…..

Happy weekend. 50 days and counting!!!!!!!