April 20, 2015

New York, NY – I know what you are thinking….here comes another one sided argument saying Tim Tebow can’t be an NFL quarterback, or Tim Tebow “only wins”. Well, not at all. This is a venting session about all the one-sided, non open minded views that are out there in general. TebowTime just happens to be a front and center example of this behavior it in our society today. And it is rather unfortunate.


There are two sides, I get it. Let’s start with that he can’t be an NFL QB. Why? Because he can’t throw as accurately as Peyton or Aaron? Ok, i’ll give you that. But he’s not those guys, and he isn’t asking for his Hall of Fame ticket in advance either. Guy just wants to play football. Ok, his arm motion is a bit long, and it takes too long to get rid of the ball, and perhaps that will allow DB’s to get a good read on him and cause INT’s? Ok, that makes sense, except his TD/INT ratio is 2:1. And maybe that long sweeping arm motion will cause him to get stripped more often than not? Wow, certainly not more often than Sanchez right? Or even Mariotta, who was beaten up by Gruden QB camp this weekend on TV for the same issue. Check your stats. Does he have poor footwork? Maybe, but that’s compared to who again? Rodgers and Manning. Who has good mechanics anyway? Some terrible QB’s had awesome mechanics…take a look back. Remember Browning Nagle? Thought so. There’s always more bad QB’s than good, it’s easy to remember. But i get it, he isn’t Peyton or Rodgers.


But how about as accurate as Geno or whomever Buffalo started last year? It’s already getting tougher for me to argue that those guys (starters) are that much better. But let’s take it for what it’s worth. He was signed to compete for the 3rd string position on the Eagles. Have you seen their roster? Are you telling me those guys ahead of him are Peytons or Aarons?? Get a grip people….you really think that 50% of the third string QB’s on each NFL roster are better options than Tebow? Phil Simms kid? on the Jets? Really? He can’t throw the ball 40 yards in the air. But ok, Tebow isn’t accurate. As a matter of fact, he is inaccurate, no reason to sugarcoat it. Say what it is. He can’t throw a ball straight. Numbers don’t lie, he was in the upper 40%’s during his last NFL stint. Right? Yet somehow he has a 2 for 1 TD to INT ratio across his career? I’m missing something here. Or maybe I am not. Yes, i saw him win a playoff game and throw one long TD pass. Yes yes yes, i saw it. Can happen to anyone.


So now the guy gets signed to a one year contract on a team with 4 QB’s. Why are we so quick to bash this guy? Again what has he done to make it so personal for so many of you? He’s competing for a 3rd string spot. Don’t make more out of it than that. Who cares if Chip Kelly is crazy and might use him in goal line situations. Who cares. Take it for what its worth; he’s competing to be the 3rd roster spot on that team. I watched Mark Sanchez for years. I have a hard time making a case that Tebow will cause more harm to that team than Sanchez will do on a week in and week out basis. Hard time. I’m not saying he should be #2, or #1, or even #3 at this point. I’m just saying it’s not light years of a difference as you all are making it seem.


Maybe the guy worked well with his QB training coach over the past two years? or maybe Brady gave him the secret sauce to being successful? Maybe not. Maybe he’ll be even worse than he was. Maybe he is throwing right handed now? Who knows. Maybe he isn’t allowed to run anymore because his mom asked him not to, or better yet, god told him not to. Who knows.


What i do know is he was signed to a one year deal to participate in off season workouts and possibly compete for a 3rd string job. A job that around the NFL is a clipboard carrier or a guy who shuffles from inactivity to waterboy week in and week out. So why do we care so much; why do we need to take such opposite sides of fence here and argue to the death that he can’t do it, or he will do it, or he just wins, or just just throws ducks (no pun there, but i like how that rolled out). The sports world is going to be pounded with opinions over the next few weeks and months over a potential 3rd string QB. What a waste of time. Find something better to do with your time, each of you. Go make a difference somewhere versus ruining this kids chance before he even walks into the locker room. Same goes for you TebowTime lovers!! Go find something else to do. Your argument he is a nice guy and he “only wins” is just as bad as the negative people. And don’t tell me it’s your job….that’s a cop out.


Personally, i am glad the guy is getting another chance. He may never make it to a game, crap, he may not even make it to preseason in August. There’s just no reason why, with the level of CRAP 3rd stringers out there, any one guy needs to get singled out. And remember, that is what he is auditioning for.


It would be interesting to see the Eagles come to town (@ NY Jets) and have Bradford out for some unpredictable reason (couldn’t imagine why), have Sanchez start the game and get becnhed for…..OMG….don’t say it….Tebow????? The internet would explode!!


And wow….I have to deal with seasons (OMG plural) of watching Geno Smith be a STARTING QB. And you’re all arguing over a 3rd stringer. Get your priorities straight…