Posted: September 3, 2013

Greetings, and glad the season has finally begun….and begun I mean all the Monday (or Tuesday) morning quarterbacking can begin. I’m probably as good at this, as I am making my weekly picks in our pool. So I am going to take a different spin on it this year. My take away blog will not result in an updated poll, or positional rank of teams….but will just be some random (and in some cases, deep) thoughts. Here goes:

First and foremost, my currently living situation does not have a large enough TV to watch football, nor does the acoustics of the room do the sport any justice. I have made a note that my new man cave (coming to a theatre near you on September 15th), will take care of both. It will also include a fully functioning bar, active keg (Hoegaarten at all times) and three 60+ inch flat screens. Not sure why I wrote flat screens; like there is some other kind of TV anymore. On to football, and yes, I will host the LSU/Florida game for anyone wanting to attend.

I can not tell you all how thrilled I am to report that Boise State’s “Cinderella Run” of being able to beat crappy teams and having us chat about all the “what if” scenarios is finally over. Good for you, you got your blue turf on the map, and I will be thrilled to see it when we visit. But we spent entirely too much time on your run, and not enough on other smaller schools who made similar runs and had some good teams at the same time. The best part about this is your current conference situation, the ever so powerful and fierce Mountain West. Think you guys lost 9 of 12 this weekend, but shit, it really felt like you each lost twice in one weekend, didn’t it? Well, at least the Air Force won, cant say I don’t root for them each week. Good luck Boise, you would have lost to UCF by 50 this year.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in the MAC already. Past few seasons I have enjoyed watching some of these teams play in person, and actually looked forward to seeing AHSF (Advanced High School Football) on TV weeknights. Before I can creamed for that, AHSF really refers to the teams ability to successfully run more than 5 different offense plays (running left and right from the I doesn’t count as 2). But some of these schools really played well, and played well in big games, giving me a weekly Cinderella to root for. They got clobbered this week, with the exception of a small school that we visited early on and as a result, has become a team I root for weekly, Northern Illinois (who by the way have one of the best cannon firings in their stadium!!). Very disappointed MAC, and I bet ESPN is just thrilled.

I am thrilled that a few of the schools I root for every week started off positive and well; I love that UCF looked very strong on both sides of the ball. I’ve waited years (and through many great running backs) for Florida to be a running team, maybe this is the year? Ole Miss we are coming to you; that was a gutsy win on the road. We get to see you put up no less that 60 points on Idaho, cant wait!! Maryland, ECU, Army all teams we have travelled to and won this week. Syracuse we are coming to you soon, you were close against a good Penn State team. Get your shit together, we are coming to the Clemson game. Vandy I wish you played any team but Ole Miss this week and quite frankly, I think you might be the better prepared team. Guess we’ll see what happens. Hey Hilltoppers, BIG win…..being it was over an SEC team, but quite frankly, you were a best bet of the week for me.

Then there is South Florida. Oh boy. We planned a double header for Nov 21-23 with UCF and USF….but do to my own scheduling snafu, I muffed up that game and we had to cancel. THANK YOU FOR STINKING UP THE JOINT this week….losing to Northeast Southwestern School of Growing Better Popcorn University (McNeese State High School), I don’t feel bad AT ALL. As much as we have to get to every school, holy cow, we have a rep to upkeep here in terms of seeing schools that actually show up. you get my STINKER OF THE WEEK award.

Most of the big teams won, some got off to some slow starts, but no surprises there. My bracket buster Louisville looked pretty good…glad to see them get out of the gate well.

Anyway, that’s I have for this week. On to week #2…..