Date: June 26, 2013
Contact: Al Botta
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GO WEST YOUNG MEN: College Football Quest Makes Their First Journey To The Left Coast
Trip Is Part of Their Mission to See a Game at Every College Football Stadium in the Country

Since 2008, Jarrett Singer and Al Botta have been on a rather unorthodox quest: to watch a college football game in every Division I-A football stadium in the country. Their website, which has recently been upgraded to support the interests of their followers, gives detailed descriptions of the events and tales of their travels (

Although their quest didn’t officially get underway until 2008, Singer says the seed of the idea was planted even earlier, in his senior year at the University of Florida when he enrolled in a course called Coaching Football. “It was not the easy ‘A’ that it sounds like,” Singer says. “You had to do a lot of work building a playbook and scouting an opponent. I learned a lot and as a result I now watch football in a different way and my ideal seat in the stadium is the first row of the upper deck in the middle of the end zone, where I can better see critical plays develop.”

Since then, Botta and Singer have visited close to 20 stadiums, at a pace of 4 or 5 per season, depending on personal scheduling availability as well as swerving around unavoidable obstacles like natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy did tremendous damage to both of their homes, and ultimately shortened the travel season for the duo last year. “Wasn’t in our best interest to leave our families in such a time of need,” Al explained, “but this year is a new year, and we are ready to try to visit 6 locations this season.” The CFQ has visited locations such as Penn State, Texas, Vanderbilt, Army, Boston College, and Miami of Ohio to name a few.

First up on the list of new venues, the boys take a trip almost as far west as they will travel over the lifetime of this Quest, to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon, home of the Ducks. This will be the first Pac-12 game they have been to. Both are looking forward to seeing if the reality of Autzen lives up to the hype as one of the best college football venues in the nation. “Although there has been a coaching change, the team should still be very strong this season” Al mentions. Jarrett adds, “I have seen the Oregon football trailer about change and I am really pumped up for this trip as I have wanted to go to Oregon since the first year of the Quest.” CFQ will be in Eugene September 28, for the Cal vs. Oregon game.

Also on the agenda is the annual trek to the mecca, Gainesville, to watch Jarrett’s beloved Gators face off against Tennessee September 21st. “Always a great way to start a season is a few burritos from Burrito Brothers, and a football game at The Swamp with 90k+ in the Gator Nation family” Jarrett states.

The guys will also visit Syracuse on October 5th, Ole Miss October 26th, UCF on Thursday November 21 and USF on November 23rd. “We look forward to all our games, but we know Ole Miss will be a very special long weekend for us, Al explains. “We expect huge things from this rising program, and to have a great experience in The Grove with many new friends we have met over the past year.” Jarrett adds, “We were really sorry to have been forced to cancel this trip last year and I am really looking forward to hanging out in the Grove. Everywhere we go, people ask if we have been to Ole Miss yet and when we say no, they state it is a must visit. We look forward to making up the trip, and plan to spend 4 full days in Oxford.”

Both Botta and Singer are members of the Football Writers Association of America.


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