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Trip Is Part of Their Mission to See a Game at Every College Football Stadium in the Country

Beginning with the 2008 season, Jarrett Singer and Al Botta have been on a rather unusual quest: to watch a college football game at every Division I-A (FBS Division) football stadium in the country. They’ve previously started the website www.collegefootballquest.com to keep fans updated on their progress, display pictures and write-ups from each trip, and to track their ever important map of visits. Last year they added www.facebook.com/collegefootballquest as well as Twitter handles @collfballquest and @collegefbquest for Al and Jarrett respectively. “It was due time that we became more involved with social media for our blogging and posts, plus it’s a great way to meet the local fans prior to our trips!” Al mentions. “It will also help in documentation for one of the books we are publishing.”

Every season begins with the very complex selection process; which games and which schools will they be visiting. This year’s first trip was easy; Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt was an SEC school high on the list of places to visit. Vanderbilt was attractive due to it being an up and coming program, the excitement surrounding Head Coach James Franklin, its unique pregame experience, and its location, Nashville, which is fairly close in travel time to New York City. “I’ve been to Nashville a few times for business and other than driving by, never had the opportunity to see the campus or the local sites,” Botta tells me. “Nashville is one of these up and coming places; lots to do, and lots to see. Looking forward to seeing this campus and walking Centennial Park, seeing the Parthenon, and witnessing these fans first hand.”

From some pre-travel research, it seems the Commodores have very cool and very organized pregame festivities; Vandyville as it is called. “I’m always curious to see how the schools we visit create a game day football experience that is more than just showing up at kickoff and leaving when the clock runs down to zero. I can’t wait to see what they have set up there that takes the three hour game and transforms it into a full day event.” Jarrett adds that no conference is quite as knowledgeable or travels quite like the SEC, which is one of the great things about the conference. “The fans in the conference are not only the most passionate about their teams, they know football, and they also travel to the away games more than any conference.”

When the CFQ guys travel, they make sure to get as much out of a city and campus as possible. This being a quick midweek trip, Al and Jarrett will have to squeeze in as much as possible, as quickly as possible. “We’ll do the usual campus walk and make sure we see the entire school. But across the street is Centennial Park, which hosts several attractions of its own. We’d like to make sure we get over there as well,” Al tells me. Jarrett chimes in, “And of course, leaving time to find some great local eats and pubs along the way, maybe even participating in a Nashville food challenge.” Al and Jarrett also mention they’d like to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, and perhaps even tour Riverwalk if time allows.

Either way, both Jarrett and Al expect a very competitive opening night game for the Commodores against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Coach Franklin will have the Commodores prepared and primed for an upset. With two very fast teams, and a new quick surface at Vanderbilt Stadium, we expect to see some big plays and potentially a rare high scoring SEC game. “I’m not very good at picking the games, and this one will be a difficult one,” Jarrett says. “The only thing I have going for me is that Al is much worse at picking the winner.” Part of their pregame tradition is picking the outcome of the game prior. Both Jarrett and Al refuse comment on how poor their records are although Al adds, “Does it really matter?” Check out their website for the details.

College Football Quest will also be visiting Nebraska on September 29th, Wake Forest on October 25th, Florida on November 3rd, and Ole Miss on November 10th.

Both Botta and Singer are members of the Football Writers Association of America.


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