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School: Western Kentucky University
Date: October 20, 2011


Men set quest to visit every stadium, stop at WKU

Posted: Thursday, October 20, 2011 6:00 pm | Updated: 5:37 pm, Thu Oct 20, 2011.

Sidney Blanford

WKU’s Smith Stadium will be stop No. 15 for two men on a quest to watch a game in every Football Bowl Subdivision stadium.

New York natives Jarrett Singer and Al Botta make their way to Bowling Green on Saturday to see WKU face Louisiana-Lafayette as part of their “College Football Quest.”

The quest began in 2008 after Singer recruited Botta and they both received permission from their spouses.

“I think the inspiration came from my passion for college football,” Singer said. “I had wanted to do something along the lines of traveling and accomplishing something, then I finally had the idea to put the two together.”

Singer and Botta live on Long Island, N.Y., and both have had personal passions for sports since they were younger. Singer attended the University of Florida and it was there that he became a Gators fan.

Singer and Botta’s passion for college football pageantry is what keeps them on their quest. Family and work commitments along with scheduling conflicts can present difficulties for the two men.

“Besides the obvious wife and kid challenges, I have to deal with Jarrett’s love for the Gators,” Botta said. “You have to schedule around family events, work conflicts and the Florida schedule.”

Botta and Singer said they started planning their trips in the spring, but that a lot of the time they have to reschedule as their own schedules change. Their goal is seeing four games a year, but both agree that as their kids grow up, they may be able to do more.

Singer’s wife, Beth Singer, said she finds it difficult dealing with her husband’s hobby. She says it take her husband away from her and their kids four times during the football season.

“I think it’s crazy and can’t imagine being so passionate about something,” she said.

Despite her disagreement about the importance of the two mens’ quest, Beth Singer said she is supportive of his hobby for the most part and could see herself attending a trip to one of the more preferable locations, but not for the football aspect of it.

The two men take into consideration many different aspects when planning which games they will attend. The reason they chose the WKU and Louisiana-Lafayette game was for a few reasons.

WKU’s game falls on the same weekend as a Friday night home game for the University of Louisville, so the pair will knock out two games in one trip.

Botta and Singer will fly into Louisville on Friday morning and leave out of Louisville mid-day Sunday.

Both agree they are looking forward to the WKU game because it’s one of the smaller schools on the quest.

“Western Kentucky is having their homecoming and it is a small school environment,” Singer said. “They tend to be the most unique. It should be very unique and have high level of entertainment.”

While here, the two will try to eat at one of the well known local eateries and Botta said they always make a stop at the campus bookstore.

Despite the difficulties and the commitment this type of hobby requires, the two men find the football aspect and unexpected parts of the trips to be rewarding.

“Between Jarrett and Al, it is the passion these men have and it is unlike any other I know,” Beth Singer said. “There is no one else I know that would do this.”