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The Week that Was – Recap of Week 6 2014

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7th October

Posted: October 7, 2014

A look back at Week 6 of the college football season.

Well, Week 6 certainly was a crazy one with a bunch of upsets, great games, awful calls, etc. The powers that be need to find a way to spread these games out so we do not have a bunch of dud weeks followed by this, but it certainly was a great day to be plopped onto the couch for 14 hours.

1. The weekend got off to a fast start Thursday night with the Arizona Wildcats moving to 5-0 with an upset of the Oregon Ducks. I had a feeling the Ducks may be in trouble due to their defensive lapses and vegas setting an over under of 77, so I said…. Oregon’s defense has been vulnerable and Arizona is scoring points averaging 42 a game. … Read More »

The Week that Was – Recap of Week 5 2014

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30th September

Posted: September 30, 2014

A look back at Week 5 of the college football season.

1. I was high on UCLA entering the season, picking them to go to the playoff. I seriously reconsidered after seeing their first two games of the year. But Thursday night was a statement win. Perhaps I was too early to write them off. The next two weeks will tell with Utah and Oregon ahead. Mr. Hundley is going to need to play like he did Thursday for the Bruins. He is capable of it, so the Rose Bowl should be excited if it is unbeaten Oregon versus unbeaten UCLA.

2. Florida State struggled against NC State and giving up 41 to the Wolfpack does not seem like a good thing, but I am not off the Seminoles making the playoff. … Read More »

The Week that Was – Recap of Week 3 2014

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16th September

Posted: September 15, 2014

A look back at Week 3 of the college football season.

1. Ok, I was wrong. The schedule appeared light, but three Top 25 teams lost to unranked opponents; USC, Virginia Tech, and Louisville. Additionally, UCLA barely escaped against a down Texas team. Further, the only match-up of Top 25 teams was a good one as South Carolina beat Georgia. I think both of those teams have some work to do on defense. I believe that I wrote…I don’t see any other game where a Top 25 team is challenged with the possible exception of East Carolina at Virginia Tech. Not exactly on the nose, but I did allude to one of the upsets, so at least there is that.

2. Did Vanderbilt really have to rally with two TD’s in the 4Q, the second coming with … Read More »

Week 3 2014 Preview – Pondering the Future

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10th September

Posted: September 10, 2014

Random thoughts on the upcoming weekend of college football.

1. If you thought last week’s schedule was light, check out this week. Only one game between Top 25 teams…Georgia at South Carolina. I don’t see any other game where a Top 25 team is challenged with the possible exception of East Carolina at Virginia Tech. Not good. Maybe it is a good weekend to score some points with the significant other….nah, bad games are still better than the mall.

2. Syracuse at Central Michigan – First, how is this game in Mt. Pleasant? Second, would you believe that these teams enter the game undefeated. Yup, it is true. That is about the only thing about this game that I find intriguing.

3. Massachusetts at Vanderbilt – One of these … Read More »

The Week that Was – Recap of Week 1 2014

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2nd September

Posted: September 2, 2014

1. The first Quest trip of the year got off to a lovely start (picture as much sarcasm as possible and then multiply by 100). Eleven of us sat in the Swamp for 5 hours and saw 10 seconds of football. Thank you mother nature. I can’t fault the officials for postponing / canceling this game but it sure did suck. The first Gator game for the kids was not to be this year. A lot of money was spent flying, staying, eating, and shopping in Gainesville and we had a good time, but we did not see anything more than one kickoff. I certainly hope this is not foreshadowing of the year to come. Stat of the night…In the six hours around kickoff, there were over 1,100 lightning strikes … Read More »

Week 1 2014 Preview – Pondering the Future

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27th August

Posted: August 27, 2014

1. The Quest begins Week 1 with the annual Gainesville trip, family in tow. Here’s to hoping it does not cost as much as last years trip to Syracuse….too late! But on the plus side, the kids first Gator game. Let’s hope it’s not another Georgia Southern debacle.

2. Al has no chance of gaining ground in the overall standings this year. I am ahead and not looking back….ever!

3. I love the SEC Network starting off with a bang. Thursday night doubleheader… Texas A&M at South Carolina (great opening game) and then Temple at Vanderbilt (they all can’t be premier games). I hope Aggie fans enjoyed last year, because without Manziel, this year they are going to realize how tough the SEC really is.

4. I came within an hour of being stranded in Europe in … Read More »

Week 10 Recap

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6th November

Posted: November 6, 2013

USC at Oregon State – The Trojans continue to impress since the firing of Lane Kiffin winning three of four games. USC is playing like I expected them to when I predicted an 8-1 conference record and winning the Pac12 South. I guess I did not factor enough of the Lane Kiffin influence. This loss for the Beavers hurt, as any remote chance of winning the North evaporated.

Georgia vs Florida – My Gators could not shake a dismal start and fall 23-20 to the rival Bulldogs. I am not really sure that either team walks away from this game feeling good, but a W is a W. Amid a very chippy game featuring many personal fouls of the offsetting variety, Todd Gurley was the difference. Georgia ran out the clock with … Read More »

Week 10 Preview

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31st October

Posted: October 31, 2013

USC at Oregon State – A rare Friday night match up of not horrible teams. This game should be entertaining and fun to watch. There is nothing of immediate importance in this game but neither team is out of the race in their respective division, so this game is important to both sides. USC is playing a lot better since the firing of Lane Kiffin.

Georgia vs Florida – The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Soda Party kicks off at 3:30. Both teams are reeling and injured. The Bulldogs and Gators both enter 3-2 in the SEC with slim hopes of winning the SEC East. Loser is clearly out. Winner needs help.

Michigan at Michigan State – These two teams are atop one of the Big10 divisions and the winner of this game has … Read More »

Week 8 Recap

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22nd October

Posted: October 22, 2013

Wow what a week. Six of the top 12 teams go down, with three losing to unranked teams. Things in the SEC looked upside down with Tennessee, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Auburn, and Ole Miss winning while Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia, South Carolina, and LSU lost. Lots of really good games. This was a great week to be on your couch all day Saturday.

Miami at North Carolina – Does any Top 10 team look less like a Top 10 team than Miami? Nov 2 versus FSU is looming large, but I would not put it past the Canes to lose to Wake.

UCF at Louisville – The Cards got the exact scenario they needed this weekend which amounted to chaos. That was their only hope of getting into the title game with their anemic schedule. … Read More »

Week 6 Recap

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8th October

Posted: October 8, 2013

I did not have the opportunity to watch any games prior to 8pm as CollegeFootballQuest was in Syracuse this weekend and I was accompanied by my wife and kids. So, some of this recap is based on heresay and highlights.

Texas @ Iowa State – I guess this is what the Longhorns have become, needing a last second TD and a push across the goal line by the officials to beat the Cyclones.

Maryland at Florida State – I guess the Terps were not for real. This is a score that you see in a directional school game. The takeaway for me is that schedule matters. Maryland’s 4-0 record was a mirage as they played noone. No the Terps know where they stand and it is far away from the top of … Read More »

Week 6 Preview

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2nd October

Posted: October 2, 2013

UCLA at Utah – This game should have some points. These are two explosive offenses both scoring over 40 ppg and UCLA is over 50 ppg. UCLA looks to get off to a 4-0 start, while the Utes are 3-1 themselves. This could be whoever had the ball last, but I think UCLA takes it.

Maryland at Florida State – The Terps are off to a 4-0 start. They have played no one good but their win over Ok St looks better now than it did at the time. We shall see this week if the Terps are for real or not. FSU did not look great last week. This week will be an interesting test of FSU’s high power offense against the stingy D of Maryland which is one of the best … Read More »

Week 4 Preview

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19th September

Posted: September 19, 2013

Clemson at NC State – The Thursday night game this week is two 2-0 teams in the ACC opener for both. Clemson has the big win over Georgia so far this year. Thus, the Tigers will typically lose a game they shouldn’t each year. Is this the one?

Utah St. at USC – Could Lane Kiffin get fired after losing this one?

Tennessee at Florida – The CFQ heads to the Swamp. Burrito Brothers here I come!

Michigan State at Notre Dame – The Spartans may have one of the best defenses you have not heard about. The Irish cannot run the ball. This equals a ND -7 line from the folks in Vegas? ND is a popular team but that line stinks. ND may pull this out but it is probably … Read More »

Week 3 Recap

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17th September

. Posted: September 17, 2013

TCU at Texas Tech – It was not pretty, but the Red Raiders get the win and send TCU to a 1-2 start. Not what the Horned Frogs were looking for. TCU has some tough games coming up so this was a game they needed. This game sends TTU into the Top 25 and TCU out.

Bowling Green at Indiana – If you have not seen the Falcons punt block for a TD, you must find it on that internet thing. The Falcons take the ball right off the Hosiers punter’s foot and runs it back. It is a Top 10 highlight of the year.

Akron at Michigan – If you ask me, it was pass interference on the last play, but it was close. Akron could have pulled this one out and … Read More »

Week 3 Preview

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12th September

Posted: September 12, 2013

TCU at Texas Tech – This is a game to look forward to. Texas Tech has put up some points in its first two games, but TCU’s defense should play better than either SMU or Stephen F. Austin. This will be a measuring stick game for TT. Excitement is high with new coach Kingsbury. This game should give an indication if TT will make some noise in the Big12 this year. I still do not know what I am getting with TCU. TCU did not play well in the opening game to LSU and the 10 point final margin is misleading. Starting QB Pachall is out for awhile. This game is important for both schools and is the ESPN Thursday night game. Once the Pats are whipping up on … Read More »

Week 2 Preview

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5th September

Posted: September 5, 2013

Ugggh! I cannot remember a weekend with such a poor lineup of games. This would have been a good weekend for a quest trip, except for the fact that one of the three games worth mentioning is Florida at Miami. So instead, I am home with a stinker of a lineup. But at least the three games worth watching are on at noon, 4:30 and 8:00.

Florida Gators at Miami Hurricanes

My Florida Gators travel to Sun Life Stadium to take on the Miami Hurricanes. Rumor has it that the game is sold out. It is probably the first sell out for the Canes since the last time the Gators were in town, which I think was 2003. Oh wait, FSU goes there too. So they sell out only against Florida and … Read More »

2013 Season Preview

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26th June

Date: June 26, 2013 | First up on the list of new venues, the boys take a trip almost as far west as they will travel over the lifetime of this Quest, to Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon, home of the Ducks. This will be the first Pac-12 game they have been to. Both are looking forward to seeing if the reality of Autzen lives up to the hype as one of the best college football venues in the nation.

All Eyes on Destin, Fl

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28th May

Posted: May 28, 2013

Today begins the SEC meetings in Destin, Fl. What happens in SEC country reverberates throughout college football, so all eyes are watching. Yes, it is a conference meeting so there will be a lot on the agenda that does not directly relate to college football, but football drives the bus within the SEC and every conference, so it will be a large part of the agenda.

The politicking has already begun with Nick Saban, Les Miles, and others getting in their shots about the football schedule. I have attached my views on this in a previous post, Blow Up College Football Scheduling?. But what the SEC does will have ramifications elsewhere. And it is likely they will not reach any decision this week.

All sides are significantly correct. Les Miles is 100% correct that Florida … Read More »

Travel Report

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16th May

Posted: May 16, 2013

The College Football Quest machine has been hard at work the past few weeks making all the travel arrangements that go into our quest schedule. Once the games are selected, I get right to work trying to secure our travel arrangements. Sometimes this goes smoothly, other times, not so much. But other than Al booking a hotel for the wrong day, nothing has very seriously gone wrong….yet!

Tennessee @ Florida – September 21
There is no harder travel reservation to get than a hotel room in Gainesville. Since this is an annual trip we book a hotel in mid season for the following season. Hotel is booked. Flights to Jacksonville are also secured as is a rental car. Jacksonville is the preferred airport for the trip to Gainesville but cost often overrides and we typically end up … Read More »

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