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TebowTime is Back!!

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20th April

April 20, 2015

New York, NY – I know what you are thinking….here comes another one sided argument saying Tim Tebow can’t be an NFL quarterback, or Tim Tebow “only wins”. Well, not at all. This is a venting session about all the one-sided, non open minded views that are out there in general. TebowTime just happens to be a front and center example of this behavior it in our society today. And it is rather unfortunate.


There are two sides, I get it. Let’s start with that he can’t be an NFL QB. Why? Because he can’t throw as accurately as Peyton or Aaron? Ok, i’ll give you that. But he’s not those guys, and he isn’t asking for his Hall of Fame ticket in advance either. Guy just wants to play football. Ok, his arm motion is a bit long, … Read More »

Analysis from a Jets Fan – MNF Debacle

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23rd September


Analysis from a Jets Fan – Monday Night Football Debacle 9-22-2014

They say you feel better when you write things down that you are upset about, so I’m quite surprised I never did this before being a die hard New York Jets fan. I should have written books by now. We have struggled thru many (every) seasons as fans; a fan base that exudes hopeless optimism during preseason and then gradually, slowly, and painfully, gets deflated during the season like a helium balloon does overnight. Yes, credit us Jet fans for having tons of passion, and above all, loyalty, tour team. There are no bandwagon fans here at all. This is the least likely joined fan base.  And no one is leaving; it’s a disease and/or an addiction. You know it’s bad for you and will ultimately kill you, but you … Read More »

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