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Game 28: Oklahoma State Cowboys @ Central Michigan Chippewas

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29th September

A special mention must be made of the drive from the Grand Rapids Airport to Mount Pleasant, Michigan. First, you know that you are in the middle of nowhere when you have a 2 hour drive from a regional airport to your destination. This is not necessarily bad in and of itself, just that you really are nowhere.

2015 Season Preview

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17th August

Date: August 17, 2015 | “This years schedule has a decidedly Midwest feel to it. It was not by design, it is just how the schedule worked out this year. We are very excited for the schedule and can not wait for September 3”

Are You Ready For Some Football, College Football that is? 2015 Edition

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28th July

Posted: July 28, 2015

It is the time of year in New York where simply commuting into Manhattan leaves one dripping with sweat. Fortunately, the commuter railroad known as the LIRR, sees fit to lower the AC to a cool 80 degrees; when the AC is working. The subway tunnels remind me of a sauna combined with the body odor of Jerry’s BMW. It is the time of year where I long for the bitter cold we experienced in Maryland or Northern Illinois. That is how I know that I am insane and that college football is right around the corner. It is simply not a normal thing to wish summer to be over so that the Quest may continue. But that is who I am.

Things have not been quiet at College Football Quest headquarters. … Read More »

Week 3 2014 Preview – Pondering the Future

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10th September

Posted: September 10, 2014

Random thoughts on the upcoming weekend of college football.

1. If you thought last week’s schedule was light, check out this week. Only one game between Top 25 teams…Georgia at South Carolina. I don’t see any other game where a Top 25 team is challenged with the possible exception of East Carolina at Virginia Tech. Not good. Maybe it is a good weekend to score some points with the significant other….nah, bad games are still better than the mall.

2. Syracuse at Central Michigan – First, how is this game in Mt. Pleasant? Second, would you believe that these teams enter the game undefeated. Yup, it is true. That is about the only thing about this game that I find intriguing.

3. Massachusetts at Vanderbilt – One of these … Read More »

Game 3: Central Michigan Chippewas @ Northern Illinois Huskies

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12th November

If the game in Austin was the kickoff to the quest and the game targeted from the beginning, game #2 (really #3) at Northern Illinois was the game that made the quest real. No matter what the temp was it felt much colder and wet as it was very foggy.

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