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TebowTime is Back!!

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20th April

April 20, 2015

New York, NY – I know what you are thinking….here comes another one sided argument saying Tim Tebow can’t be an NFL quarterback, or Tim Tebow “only wins”. Well, not at all. This is a venting session about all the one-sided, non open minded views that are out there in general. TebowTime just happens to be a front and center example of this behavior it in our society today. And it is rather unfortunate.


There are two sides, I get it. Let’s start with that he can’t be an NFL QB. Why? Because he can’t throw as accurately as Peyton or Aaron? Ok, i’ll give you that. But he’s not those guys, and he isn’t asking for his Hall of Fame ticket in advance either. Guy just wants to play football. Ok, his arm motion is a bit long, … Read More »

Analysis from a Jets Fan – MNF Debacle

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23rd September


Analysis from a Jets Fan – Monday Night Football Debacle 9-22-2014

They say you feel better when you write things down that you are upset about, so I’m quite surprised I never did this before being a die hard New York Jets fan. I should have written books by now. We have struggled thru many (every) seasons as fans; a fan base that exudes hopeless optimism during preseason and then gradually, slowly, and painfully, gets deflated during the season like a helium balloon does overnight. Yes, credit us Jet fans for having tons of passion, and above all, loyalty, tour team. There are no bandwagon fans here at all. This is the least likely joined fan base.  And no one is leaving; it’s a disease and/or an addiction. You know it’s bad for you and will ultimately kill you, but you … Read More »

Off The Beaten Path – my Trip to Toronto, Canada

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9th September

Off The Beaten Football Path – Trip to Toronto, Canada……..Canada you say???

Exactly! What business do I have going up to Canada on a college football weekend and the first NFL Sunday you ask??? RIOTFEST!!! That’s right, I took my old sorry ass up to RiotFest not to watch the new, up and coming bands, but to see an older favorite, The Cure!! Really it is my wife’s favorite, not mine. A little too depressing for me and weird, but I was there none the less. Pleasantly surprised with how well they sounded; new and old material. Good concert!! We saw a few other bands; Flaming Lips, Brand New, and Rage Against, and were pleasantly surprised enough to decide to buy their albums once we return home! Anyway, let’s review the trip….

A 9AM flight out of my favorite LaGuardia terminal (American … Read More »

2014 College Football Predictions – follow up #1

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8th September

Bold Predictions For 2014 – 1st Follow-Up    9/8/2014

Here’s my first follow-up to my predictions:

Charlie Weis has won a game. Hooray!!!  Now clearly it wasn’t against a mighty powerhouse like Kansas State (he he ha ha), but he did manage a “W”, which was important being he has impossible games the rest of the way (can’t believe Duke is an impossible game). Sure the game this past weekend against Orville Reddinbochers School of Growing Better Popcorn, but they did win, and the game was over at halftime in convincing fashion. The problem was they let them climb back in, all the way to an onside kick with under 2 minutes left. Too close, no finish, poor coaching. Still on target for September 29th where he will have a tee time on the Blue Course at Doral. I just can’t see … Read More »

Al’s 2014 College Football Predictions

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27th August

August 27, 2014

Everyone has their predictions, so why not me as well? I’m going to take a different spin on things, adding a little CollegeFootballQuest flavoring to my mix on some of them, and of course, not pick this years champion:

Charlie Weis has to go. I am not sure how you win no games and keep your job. I feel like he hasn’t won a game since 2010 (I could be exaggerating). There just seems like there is no plan there, similar to when Don Maloney took over the Islanders. You have three must win games out of the gate that he will lose 2 of, and then host Texas. September 29th he will have a tee time on the Blue Course at Doral. I just can’t see this going any other way. Yes, and I compared him to Maloney.
Al … Read More »

Participate in The Quest!!

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30th July


Posted July 20, 2014

Want To Be Part Of and Help Us With “The Quest”????

I have to admit, we have a great time on The Quest!! What’s not to like about college football games, big time football fans, tailgating, cheerleaders, new locations, rivalries, touring campuses and facilities, food challenges, LaGuardia Airport…ok well maybe not LaGuardia Airport, but the list is endless for an  opportunity to experience all that is good about college football!!

We get asked while on every trip “how can we be part of your Quest”? Of course by then it is almost too late. So here’s how. If we are coming to your school, we’d love to talk to you and learn anything and everything there is to know about your school and program! You’ll probably even get quote and a picture on our Trip Report page, if that … Read More »

Groving – an experience like no other

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31st October

Posted: October 31, 2013

Ole Miss “Groving”, or “footballing”, “tailgating”, or whatever you’d like to call it, is everything that is right in college football, college sports, and sports in general. Everything that is done in Oxford can be described as passionate and perfect; from social scene in the Square, to all activities that involve the Grove, to the fans and their love for their players, new and old, and traditions, to their athletic department whom each and every one are committed and dedicated to the experience beyond what I have ever witnessed. The comfort level within their facilities, to providing the top product across all sports; it’s unrivaled.

The tradition of The Grove, or Groving, is special beyond comparison to most any other in any sport. An 10 acre plush grassy area of thick oak, elm and magnolia trees, (what I … Read More »

College Football – My Take Aways from Week #1

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3rd September

Posted: September 3, 2013

Greetings, and glad the season has finally begun….and begun I mean all the Monday (or Tuesday) morning quarterbacking can begin. I’m probably as good at this, as I am making my weekly picks in our pool. So I am going to take a different spin on it this year. My take away blog will not result in an updated poll, or positional rank of teams….but will just be some random (and in some cases, deep) thoughts. Here goes:

First and foremost, my currently living situation does not have a large enough TV to watch football, nor does the acoustics of the room do the sport any justice. I have made a note that my new man cave (coming to a theatre near you on September 15th), will take care of both. It will also include a fully functioning … Read More »

College Football – Preseason Predictions

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2nd August

Posted: August 2, 2013

For the record, I have had the highest “best bet” percentage over the previous 3 seasons in a “fairly legal” college football pool that’s been running for many years. The pool really doesn’t exist though, sssshhhh! The reason I tell you this, is because I have never been the champion of the pool at the end of the season, nor have I won an individual week of the pool in the last 8+ years, which means Im very good at making 3 or 12 picks a week, and terrible with the other 9 games. Are you hearing me? With that said, you can probably eliminate my picks after humoring yourself with reading them. I do believe this can be a very complicated year with several undefeated teams at the end, causing the perfect clusterfoch to end the BCS. I can … Read More »

My MLB All Star Experience 2013

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17th July

Posted July 17, 2013

Let me just start by saying “if and when you have an opportunity to go to one of our sports major events, that happens once a year, and you haven’t gone to it yet in your life, GO.”


Find the money, beg for a ride, get a ticket, call in your babysitter credits and favors, take days off….get out and go. It will be well worth the spectacle and the cost, and no amount of TV can do justice to the full experience you will experience.

Baseball is one of my least favorite sports to follow; the season is way too long, the major markets really have an unfair advantage, and my team almost always blows. And when they don’t blow, they lose to the Yankees in the World Series. But let me tell you, I just spent several days enjoying the … Read More »

Weekly Rant

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12th July

July 12, 2013 – My week started out with my “lack of memory” causing a big scheduling snafu in our 2013 plans; specifically a well thought out doubleheader with UCF and USF. My nieces bat mitzfah falls on the same Saturday as our USF game in Tampa. It’s not like the date her party hadn’t been carved in stone since 2009 or anything. What an F up!!! So now we are breaking up a clear opportunity for a doubleheader in the future to see a Thursday night UCF game in Orlando, and then running back to NYC on Friday. Miserable!!! So since I am really pissed off at this, I thought I would take out some of my anger on other people in New York in an effort to make me feel better:

Let’s start with the dog walkers. See, I’m not the … Read More »

Where Do We Go From Here, What’s Next?

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1st July

Posted – July 1, 2013

So where do we go from here? The sporting world is officially at a standstill in my opinion now that hockey and basketball are done for the year, even more so noticeable after having very active playoffs years for our local teams. Thankfully for that, or I’d have been posting this is May!! And I am sorry to insult baseball fans, and more specifically, our baseball fan followers, but really…you have a 160+ game season that runs 7 months!?! It is just so hard to get into and up for a game every day, 3 hours of pitch, catch…pitch, catch…and when your team is the Mets……well, enough said. At least Matt Harvey pitches every 5 days, right?

So football season starts in about 60 days, and the question is, what do we do now? Our schedule is … Read More »

Belmont Stakes 2013 – comments, review and predictions

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7th June

Posted – June 7, 2013

Many of you know I am a huge horse racing fan. With the lack of New York sports in June, I tend to get a bit more involved in this race than the others. Perhaps you’ll see me on the paddock this weekend. With all the best 3 year olds in the country racing at Belmont, the only thing I know for sure is that there will be no triple crown winner. That’s too bad, because the sport really needs a superstar and a triple crown winner almost guarantees that. There are lots of obstacles that keep this from happening, but I continuously focus on two of them.
The first is that “even 10k claimers don’t run this often at these distances.” Being involved in a horse racing family, I can tell you that I can count … Read More »

Supporting Natural Disasters, Relief Efforts, etc…

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23rd May

Posted: May 23, 2013

As a victim of two major hurricanes in New York in the past two years (Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy), I can tell you that there is no amount of aid that can bring back the things you have lost. Whether its clothes, or food, or in my case a home, or even lives, nothing brings them back. For those people, all they can do is try desperately to put their lives back together to the best of “their” ability because truly, when it is all said and done, that’s all they have. Doing this in a timely fashion, to cause as little disruption as possible in their lives and children’s lives, should be their priority and ours in our aid efforts. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

Insurance companies absolutely take forever issuing assessments to damages, approving … Read More »

Put Your Hands Up!!!

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23rd April

Posted: April 23, 2013

Cornerbacks, they probably occupy my #1 spot on my pet peeve list when it comes to college football; they don’t put their hands up!

Athletically, they probably have the most difficult (but most well defined) job on the field. They need to chase the fastest, most agile athletes all over the field, Heisman candidates, NFL potentials, without knowing what route they are running beforehand, or without any help from the line, the push, or the pack, and make sure they don’t catch a pass thrown at them. With that said, I think cornerbacks are actually the best athletes on the field, which is why in many cases, they act as kick returners or punt returners instead of running backs or wide receivers, or why they get this difficult task of chasing blue chip athletes all day.

This always brings … Read More »

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