Top 25 Rankings – 9/23/2013

Posted on September 23rd, by Jarrett in Jarrett Singer's Blog. 2 comments

Posted: September 23, 2013

I now present the definitive Top 25 poll. Each week I will poll myself, tabulate the results, and then present them.

The number in () is last week’s ranking.

1. Oregon 3-0 (2)
2. Alabama 3-0 (1)
3. Florida State 3-0 (3)
4. Stanford 3-0 (8)
5. Ohio State 4-0 (4)
6. LSU 4-0 (5)
7. Clemson 3-0 (6)
8. Georgia 2-1 (7)
9. Texas A&M 3-1 (9)
10. Oklahoma State 3-0 (10)
11. South Carolina 2-1 (11)
12. UCLA 3-0 (12)
13. Miami 3-0 (13)
14. Washington 3-0 (14)
15. Baylor 3-0 (15)
16. Louisville 4-0 (16)
17. Oklahoma 3-0 (17)
18. Mississippi 3-0 (19)
19. Wisconsin 3-1 (20)
20. Northwestern 4-0 (22)
21. Michigan 4-0 (21)
22. Notre Dame 3-1 (23)
23. Arizona State 2-1 (18)
24. Florida 2-1 (24)
25. Texas Tech 4-0 (25)

Dropped: None

As a reminder, this poll is based on who I think is the better team. In my opinion, a higher ranked team would beat a lower ranked team on a neutral field. It is not based on how they will finish the year or what the final record of each team will be. For example, if this poll was based on record and finish, I would have Louisville ranked higher because they have an excellent chance to go undefeated based on their schedule. But I have them ranked lower, because I do not believe they would beat the teams higher than them on a neutral field.

Note: There may be significant fluctuation to my rankings as I watch teams play, as my opinion of their ability to beat teams above and below them on a neutral field may change. I will not be simply sliding teams up and down based on if they win or lose, but rather reevaluating my opinion each week. I believe this is how a poll should be done.

2 responses to “Top 25 Rankings – 9/23/2013”

  1. Al says:

    Again you have left out UCF….teams always move up during a bye week, don’t you know that?? And my Oregon/OkSt National Title game is looking better and better……so don’t jinx me and move OKST up at all, leave them right there.

    Still think Florida can beat half these teams. You should just exclude them from the poll (*UF will not be included in this poll)

    And you know Michigan will lose to someone as soon as someone mentions “this could be their year) and NW will lose next week to OHSt and then again to one of the crappy schools like Illinois….

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